The Asset Allocation Balancing Act by Fairman Group

You see and hear it everywhere: Individual stock or fund performance is the most important element of investing. To Fairman Group, this approach is counterproductive to long-term financial success because study after study has concluded that the critical factor is the ‘mix’ of stocks, bonds, and other assets owned. This mix, called asset allocation, is vital to the success or failure of your investment plan.

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NCCPAP Releases September 2022 Tax Update

NCCPAP has released its September 2022 Tax Update. Highlighted topics of this month’s report include the Inflation Reduction Act, Appeals Update, Late Filing Penalty Relief, and the ETAAC Annual Report to Congress.

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NCCPAP Announces Next NCCPAP NOW Event

NCCPAP will be hosting their nest session on October 31 at 10AM ET. This session, Physical & Economic Nexus: How State Tax Laws Affect Your Clients, will include relevant advice regarding how CPAs can assist their clients regarding physical and economic nexus, what types of businesses are most likely to be audited, how to be proactive in terms of speaking with clients about moving their sales tax collection process to a professional, and what to do if they have prior exposure.

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It May Be Time to Give LinkedIn Some Serious Consideration

First, a confession: back in 2019, we were exactly where you may be. We didn’t think social media could be an overly successful channel for B2B marketing. Fast forward to 2020 when the pandemic hit. Our clients were actively looking for ways to reach their customers digitally, since in-person visits were no longer an option. People were being inundated with email marketing, so we turned to LinkedIn, the social media platform of choice for professionals. LinkedIn not only got the job done; it was amazingly effective and has since become part of most of our clients’ customer outreach programs.

The Unique LinkedIn Algorithm & Why It’s Beneficial to You

LinkedIn is similar to other social channels, but its amplification method is very different. While typically in B2B marketing, we focus on the Company Page, Individual Pages hold the power. Why? First, people follow people on LinkedIn; they’d much rather connect to a person than follow a company. Second, when a person posts on their profile, that post is shared with their Connections. When their Connections ‘Like’ the post, the post is further amplified and shared to additional Connections, etc. Thus, the magic of our B2B LinkedIn success comes from employee advocacy—using company employee profiles to broadcast company content to their connections and amplify that content exponentially.

To Begin Your LinkedIn Journey, Ask Yourself These Questions:

Who’s My Audience and Am I Connected to Them?

Getting Company Page Followers is challenging, but what about your salespeople’s LinkedIn networks? Are they actively connecting to their customers and prospects? While you’d expect the answer to be a resounding ‘yes’, often the answer is ‘no’. They’ll need a push, but you can help guide your sales teams in expanding their LinkedIn Connections by focusing on:

  • Current customer contacts
  • Prospects you are looking to do business with
  • Partners

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Experitec Offers Wide Array of Valve Services for All Types & Brands

Being available and responsive to our customers 24/7/365—for any type of service request—is part of Experitec’s DNA. Their factory-trained technicians can diagnose, repair, or replace whatever their customers need, even if those repairs are for a brand that Experitec does not represent. This customer service mindset is inherent of their culture and part of the intensive training required to become a technician at the company. Experitec’s ultimate goals as an organization are to become your trusted partner and optimize your plant’s performance.

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Steam Specialties & Commercial HVAC Services from Control Associates

With an unmatched industry-leading valve, systems, and services portfolio, Control Associates has been supporting customers in the Greater New York Metro area since 1933. They pride themselves on delivering fast, competitive pricing to help their customers quickly and easily solve problems and execute projects. Many leading hospitals, universities, and commercial properties trust Control Associates—day in and day out—to implement a variety of services and solutions.

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Reduce Risk With Control Associate’s Asset Management Services

Finding available personnel with the knowledge and resources to lead the Preventative Maintenance charge is becoming more challenging each day. Yet, you are still accountable for unplanned outages, lost capacity, and repair costs—let alone supply chain issues. Control Associates, backed by digital tools and the strength of the Emerson supply chain, can help.

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Start-up & Commissioning Services from Proconex

Proconex’s experts can help properly plan and execute your plant startup. They start by ensuring that your equipment is ready to operate and is in ‘as-shipped’ condition through calibration and loop checks. Then, they’ll verify and validate that everything is working properly before getting your production back online. After your startup is complete, Proconex can discuss plant requirements and work with your operations personnel to help create a proactive maintenance plan—promoting asset lifecycle management for maximum uptime and throughput.

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