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Learn How to Elevate the Performance of Your Reciprocating Compressors With ECI

Get the power to collect and analyze your data, in your own way with the Resonance Systems Lenz Condition & Performance Analyzer. With the flexibility to collect route-based portable data, the freedom to magnetically mount the Lenz, and the ability to use cell phones or tablets as the user interface, condition monitoring has never been better, or easier.

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Control Associates Launches Consulting Firm for Life Science & Process Manufacturers

Continua is a spin-off of Control Associates, Inc. The company is focused on transforming the enterprise through innovative thinking, advanced technologies, and industry expertise. Continua serves pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, CDMO, CMO, and specialty chemical organizations that are facing growing pressures to leverage OT data, connect disparate systems, and realize higher production to better compete in the marketplace and prepare for the future.

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A Practical Data Analytics Approach From Apperture Solutions That Keeps YOU In Control of Success

Meeting the challenges of improving unit operations requires the use of OT data that spans multiple departments. Apperture’s Data Workshop is an ideal way to get to the most impactful use cases, quickly. Their team leverages a self-service analytics platform called Seeq—a platform designed to work with your tribal knowledge and leverage the power of connecting disparate data sources.

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Take Valve Condition Monitoring to a Whole New Level With ECI

Prioritize maintenance decisions and improve reliability and performance. The Valve Health App offers significant advantages for industrial plants by streamlining control valve maintenance and optimizing PID loop performance. Traditionally, monitoring valve health involved performing online or offline valve diagnostics and interpreting results or relying solely on reactive maintenance after failures occur.

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Learn About the GoVAC® System, an Efficient & Safe Portable Pipeline Evacuation System From ECI

Say “goodbye” to venting or flaring and “hello” to sustainable pipeline operations with the GoVAC® FLEX and GoVAC® MAX Systems. These systems allow operators to safely draw down pipelines to near 0 psig using the natural gas in them. The recovered gas can either be transferred into an adjoining pipeline or, when using the FLEX, compressed and directly placed into a trailer for transport or storage tank.

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Experitec to Host Reliability Seminars

Experitec’s reliability experts will share their journeys and discuss what truly sets average performers apart from those who command a competitive advantage. Seminar attendees will learn how to drive a culture of reliability improvement, from the field all the way to the control room. The seminars will take place across multiple cities throughout July.

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Comprehensive Flow Measurement Solutions From Experitec

Experitec’s comprehensive portfolio of flow measurement solutions now includes FLEXIM, the leader in clamp-on ultrasonic flow measurement for liquids, gases, and steam. While there are many flow meter choices available and making the right decision is important, Experitec’s team of engineers can help customers select the best option for their application.

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Valve Improvement Think Tank Partnership Becomes a Best Practice for Scallon’s Customer

When applied to valve troubleshooting and repairs, the “Think Tank” approach can be a game changer—with significant returns on improved safety, lower costs, improved reliability, and more. This particular Think Tank was the brainchild of one of Scallon Controls’ customers, whose goal was to invent a “Valve Improvement Team”. The team included Scallon Controls, because they had access to all the valve repair history, in addition to local knowledge, having worked at this facility for decades.

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