Comprehensive Brands & Extensive Expertise from Proconex

Proconex issues an updated line card, covering the wide variety of products and services they provide to meet the needs of their industrial customers in the Mid-Atlantic region. Their solutions include plant automation systems and software, valve and automation products, measurement and instrumentation devices, and process control systems.

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Meet the Continua Experts at IFPAC 2022

IFPAC continues to set precedence as a forum for insightful discussions bringing you the latest trends and real-life applications in the fields of Quality by Design, Process Analytical Technology, Quality Metrics, Continuous Manufacturing and Process Control applications for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, generic, chemical, petrochemical, food, and related industries. Control Associates’ Continua Process Systems subsidiary and Emerson will be there to join colleagues at IFPAC-2022 to share and discuss their latest progress in Continuous Manufacturing, PAT, Process Control and Data Analytics.

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World-Renowned Performing Arts Center Improves Energy Management With Pro-Tech BTU Meter Solution

Pro-Tech’s customer was having difficulty controlling the primary and secondary chilled water loops within its cooling system. The chilled water flows were frequently oscillating far above and below their temperature and flow rate setpoints, causing frequent, rapid loading and unloading of the chilled water pumps and chillers. The facility was forced to ramp up its flow setpoint in order to achieve the desired cooling performance—despite the system’s extreme fluctuations. The combination of rapid equipment cycling with the elevated setpoint meant that our customer was using far more energy than necessary to operate the facility.

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Ensure Reliability With Proconex Valve Diagnostics

Avoid emergency shutdowns due to unexpected valve failures with Proconex valve diagnostic services.

  • Perform control valve diagnostics on ANY air-operated valve—regardless of manufacturer or model.
  • Coordinate field testing, data interpretation, and corrective action planning with our team of experts.
  • Maximize uptime and schedule downtime more effectively, while right sizing your maintenance costs by focusing on critical repairs.
  • Diagnose control valve issues while in-service with optional Performance Diagnostics tiered equipment.
  • Present diagnostic results in an easy-to-read report with Green/Yellow/Red indicators.

Learn more about the services Proconex provides using the Fisher™ FIELDVUE™ and FlowScanner™.

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NCCPAP to Host Third NCCPAP NOW Session

NCCPAP will host its third session on Monday, May 16, 2022 at 10AM ET. This educational session will cover the latest happenings in the profession, a tax update (based on current legislation at the moment), regulatory issues, and a comprehensive report from NCCPAP’s most recent trip to Capitol Hill. The trip to Capitol Hill will include a number of appointments with representatives from New York, New Jersey, and Florida.

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Full-Service Valve Repair from Proconex

Proconex offers a full portfolio of services delivered by a skilled team of technicians and application engineers. Their 60,000 sq. ft. of shop floor space can address any valve issues that arise, execute preventative maintenance and reliability programs, and provide on-site assistance. Trust the experts with your control, isolation, safety and pressure relief valve repair needs.

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Look Who’s Talking

If getting noticed is important to you, our PR strategies and communications planning team can put your brand and your message in the hands of influencers, the media, and your audience. That’s why national organizations, like NCCPAP, rely on Markitects to help them speak, advocate for taxpayers, and get published. Contact us to learn more.

Proconex Valve Automation & Assembly Services

When it comes to automation and assembly, Proconex offers a wide range of services. From installations and retrofitting, to sourcing actuators and automation products, to modifications of existing valves, Proconex does it all. After defining your needs and determining the project scope, Proconex supplies, assembles, installs, tests, and commissions all equipment—proficiently managing the entire project from start to finish.

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