Comprehensive SIS Testing Right Out of the Box with Proconex’s SIS ProofCheck™

SIS ProofCheck™ incorporates all elements of proper SIS testing in a single solution. It encompasses testing field devices, wiring, signal conditioners, safety logic, BPCS logic, final control element response, and manually entered data. The entire procedure is captured electronically and displays pictures, manuals, and any information the user needs to perform the tests. All information is captured in a database and displayed via built-in reports.

Provide all the information your plant needs for auditing and quickly determining what needs to be fixed with SIS ProofCheck. Register now to join us on December 14th for a demonstration.

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Protect Your DeltaV™ Industrial Control System with Cybersecurity Services from Proconex

Cybersecurity is a hot topic, and for excellent reasons. Many of Proconex’s DeltaV™ customers are actively looking to evaluate, harden, or protect their industrial control systems, in areas like network security, workstation hardening, user account management, patching and security management, physical security and perimeter protection, security monitoring and risk assessment, and data management.

Proconex has the field experience and expertise to provide audits, assessments, and associated recommendations for a course of action. As an Emerson Impact Partner, Proconex also offers industrial control cybersecurity implementation services from Emerson

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NCCPAP Releases Monthly IRS Update

NCCPAP Tax Chair Steve Mankowski, CPA, CGMA recently attended the October 2021 IRS meeting. You can read his recap below, highlighting several topics including Office of Appeals, TFAO Change to IRS NEXT, and the IRS Get Ready 2022 Campaign for Taxpayers.

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Control Associates Caribe Expands Presence in Jamaica

Control Associates Caribe now offers a unified channel for Emerson customers in Jamaica. The company is excited to announce the expansion of their offerings within Emerson final control products into the Jamaican territory—including Fisher-branded control valves, actuators, instruments, and pressure regulators.

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Fairman Group Discusses Recent Tax Proposals & Associated Tax Law Changes

The Democratic Majority of the House Ways and Means committee has released tax proposals. These proposals present several new spending initiatives in the areas of infrastructure, green energy, social safety net, and prescription drugs. To raise revenue, the tax proposals include additional tax law changes. Linked below is an article by Fairman Group’s Julia Ziechmann, explaining the plan’s tax provisions and how they could affect you.

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Proconex’s DataJaguar Operations Software Introduces New Features

DataJaguar introduced new features to help operators monitor progress more closely, be aware when processes are falling behind, and plan tasks knowing when batch stages will be complete. In addition, the Proconex team has added batch parameters to collect more data and help calculate a truer OEE. The experts at Proconex will be explaining these new features at their upcoming DataJaguar Connect conference on November 10, 2021.

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