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Remote Asset Monitoring & Analysis Service From ECI

ECI’s Reliability Team can work with you to develop a subscription-based solution that won’t break your budget. Let ECI help you gain a clear overview of your organization’s goals and provide the keys to get started on your upcoming maintenance, asset management and reliability initiatives. Ask about their Starter Package!

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ECI’s New Operations Center is Open

ECI’s new Operations Center in Lawrence, PA, was designed with a ‘One Campus Approach’, enabling customers to visit their headquarters for an education event or a meeting with their sales team, and then walk over to their operations center. There, customers can see their skid being fabricated, check on a control panel in production, see a demo of ECI’s robotic welder, or check on the status of a control valve repair.

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Major Refinery Turns to Scallon Controls for Reliable, Local Support of Its Online Protection System

Your Protection System is the failsafe of your machine; keeping it functioning and in good condition is imperative. Finding a reliable, local resource to maintain your system, flexible enough to work within your outage schedule, is another story. Sourcing an approved vendor at a reasonable price—with no idle time charges—is pretty much a dream. See how this customer sleeps soundly because Scallon Controls has the expertise to service any Online Protection System. Read the story.

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World-Class Distillery Embraces Diagnostics With Experitec

This customer was initially skeptical about the value of diagnostics, so Experitec started with a small trial—using FlowScanner™ and ValveLink™ technologies to identify red/yellow/green issues. Immediately, Experitec was able to demonstrate how to extend the life of those valves and save significant maintenance dollars.

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Get to Know Apperture’s Data Enablement Practice Leader

Meet Apperture Solutions’ Data Enablement Senior Practice Leader, Ron Eastep. Ron started his career right on the factory floor, where he learned the value of listening to the daily challenges facing the operations team. In his role today, Ron focuses that vision on automation solutions and the data generated in the OT space to better serve operations, maintenance, and management.

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Fairman Group Highlights Estate Planning Strategies for 2023

As the world continues to face uncertainty, Fairman Group is available to help with all your financial planning needs. One important area that may be on your mind is estate planning—and specifically, having an updated and comprehensive estate plan in place. Read the article to see Fairman Group’s top suggestions for estate planning strategies in 2023.

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The most recent NCCPAP NOW webinar was held on October 23, 2023. This event included a variety of topics: the latest happenings in the profession, a tax update, and a featured presentation on why occupational fraud occurs.

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Achieve Big Business Benefits With IP.21 and ECI

See how major organizations like Cabot, DuPont, and Infineum are achieving their long-term business objectives with IP.21. Interesting in migrating? IP.21 can quickly and effortlessly replace your current historian using ECI’s expertise coupled with sophisticated migrations tools.

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Control Associates Offers MES Solutions for Inventory & Supply Chain Management

Generics and CMOs dedicate their business to providing services such as drug development, manufacturing and packaging for pharmaceutical companies who need production scalability. A source of long development and production lead times for product lifecycle is from data—especially when manufacturers have islands of automation. Learn how a strong MES solution can help in this customer story from Control Associates.

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Experitec Asks Customers to Rethink Their Reliability Strategy

Experitec’s MythBusters are back, answering customers’ most urgent questions, debunking common misperceptions, and creating proactive strategies for operations. While customers may already have some type of Reliability Program in place, Experitec can work with them to determine an appropriate strategy for their situation and facility, regardless of ‘where it was invented’!

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