Markitects Featured in Forbes’ “12 Leading Reasons Your Business’ Website Traffic Is Dropping”

Forbes features Markitects’ Founder & CEO, Francine F. Carb, in their article, “12 Leading Reasons Your Business’ Website Traffic Is Dropping”. An online presence is a huge part of companies today, providing communication, information and sales information to customers and prospects. Because of this, measuring your website traffic is an absolute must. This article discusses how to interpret and diagnose drops in website traffic. Markitects’ tip is to always look at the geographic sources of website traffic which can show you if past, higher-level traffic rates were including erroneous, out-of-country data. Read more about Markitects’ approach, along with insights from other experts in the industry, in the article below.

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10 Ways B2B Marketers Can Improve Relationships With Sales Teams

Integration of Teams…

In business-to-business (B2B) organizations, sales and marketing departments are traditionally at odds with each other—competing for time, resources and accolades. It doesn’t have to be this way.

At Markitects, we’ve had tremendous success integrating our work with the goals and objectives of our clients’ sales organizations. In fact, we consider it to be a top priority and use it to gauge our overall program success. So much so, that we present our marketing program metrics to sales teams on a monthly basis at their pipeline meetings. At those meetings, we also gain valuable feedback to adjust our programs, and we use that venue to ask for participation in videos and customer stories.

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Thursday Thoughts: Blogger Burnout

In today’s world, chances are you or your company have a blog on your website. There are a few essential reasons to have a blog which include sharing updates and increasing search engine optimization (commonly referred to as SEO). Blogs need to be maintained and updated, which in short means content for blog posts needs to be constantly developed. Continually coming up with content within the bounds of your company’s industry can become tough and can lead to blogger burnout.

Below are two common causes for blogger burnout along with the symptoms you may be experiencing as a result. If you or someone at your company are experiencing these symptoms take a look at our recommendations on how to treat these symptoms.

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Markitects Featured in Forbes’ “Stand Out On Social Media: Tips For Boosting Your Business’ Brand”

Forbes features Markitects’ Founder & CEO, Francine F. Carb, in their article, “Stand Out On Social Media: Tips For Boosting Your Business’ Brand”. The article discusses which characteristics and traits of a brand are the most important to show off when marketing on social media. Markitects’ believes showcasing attributes that build trust, such as stories and case studies, is the most effective way to show off. Learn more about Markitects’ approach, along with insights from other experts in the industry, in the article below.

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King of Content: The Customer Story

Our Best Tips Revealed…

One of the most effective marketing tools happens to be one of the most fun and rewarding to create—that being customer stories. Don’t frown; it’s true. Having developed several hundred of these over the course of two decades, I believe I can modestly state that I have the knack for them. That’s why I’d like to share some tips and guidelines for developing effective and interesting stories about your customers, partners, and even employees—whether as material for a sales presentation, newsletter, blog, or for internal consumption.

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Thursday Thoughts: Website Design 101

If you are planning on creating a website or refreshing your current website, make sure to consider the following questions.

1) How should I best utilize my homepage?

Your homepage is prime digital real estate. Most visitors to your site—both prospects and customers—will tend to go straight to your homepage, either from a search engine result or by typing in your direct URL. As such, your homepage has a huge impact on your digital reputation and overall sales funnel. The top portion of your homepage that displays within the visible screen size when you first land on the page is even more important!

This area of the your homepage is referred to as ‘above the fold’. Fill this with engaging hero images (also known as header images) with specific messages explaining who your company is. It is also ideal for the hero to help guide the user to where they should go to next on your website. A great example of this would be to incorporate a call to action (CTA) in text format or as a button.

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Thursday Thoughts:
Online Reputation Management

What is Online Reputation Management?

As users browse the Internet and social media, they create opinions about people and brands that they see or interact with. As such, all online information that even just mentions your company name can influence a prospect or customer’s opinion about your brand—both positively and negatively.

Online reputation management (ORM) is the practice of actively creating, curating, and monitoring all information about yourself online. ORM encompasses a variety of platforms, including Google Search, social media, review websites, and company listings/directories (i.e. Bloomberg profile).

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Where to Begin Your Design

From a Marketer’s Viewpoint…

Over 25 years ago, when I was beginning my career in marketing, I decided to take a few design courses at night in Baltimore, where I was living at the time. The school, now called Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), taught me many important lessons—which at that time were tailored to a physical or print world, but which are still applicable to this day in the digital world.

First, space is space. And while marketers like to fill that space with words and images, white space (the blank area in between images) are equally as important because they give context to and define the actual design, guiding the viewer’s eye from what is primary to what is secondary in priority. The human eye cannot view everything equally or all at once. It’s that simple.

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Thursday Thoughts:
Relationship Marketing Part 2

When a business is just starting out, relationship marketing can seem intimidating. Here are our suggestions on how to incorporate relationship marketing in the early days of your business:

Utilizing Relationship Marketing strategies as a new Business:
  • Research competitors to see who they are targeting and how. From this intel, determine your target audience.
  • Think like your ideal customer. Ask yourself:
    • What type of content do they want to see?
    • What type of marketing campaigns do they typically engage with?
    • What are their pain points that we can solve?
    • What are their pain points with their current provider of the product/service?
  • Learn from your ideal customer. Ask current and prospective customers questions to begin the relationship and help to rationalize your marketing plan moving forward.
  • Engage with customers and prospects on social media. This is a more casual introduction, and everyone loves a shout-out!
  • Develop a database to use in email marketing and cold calling. Maintain the relationship throughout time by continuously reaching out to this database. Initially promote brand awareness, later focus on what’s specifically important to each customer.
  • Start with brand awareness and then get more specific using data. Start with more generic brand awareness to get the message out there and acquire clients; once you have some data begin sending more targeted messages to your customer segments and follow up with a sales call.
  • Request reviews on Google and Yelp to continuously get feedback and foster the two-way street relationship.

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