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Fairman Group Reviews IRS Annual Inflation Adjustments

The IRS recently announced annual inflation adjustments to several tax provisions for tax year 2023. These changes are applicable to returns that will be filed in year 2024. It is important to know how changes in the tax rates and taxable income thresholds affect your personal situation. The most notable changes are listed below for single and married filing jointly filers and estates and trusts, in comparison to tax year 2022.

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Fairman Group Discusses Tax Planning Opportunities Related to the Inflation Reduction Act

With the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, there are some possible tax planning opportunities relating to Green Energy Credits. The majority of the spending in the Act is for tax credits encouraging renewable energy and reducing emissions. This includes an expansion of energy credits available to individual taxpayers: however, one source of funding for the Act that will affect individual taxpayers is the stated goal of increasing Internal Revenue Service audit rates. This has raised concerns of increased audit rates for individuals.

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