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Make ROI Your Focus When Embarking On Your Reliability Journey With ECI

High annual benefits and low stress are readily within reach. By moving toward First Quartile performance, your plant can achieve: lower maintenance costs and downtime, higher overall equipment, effectiveness, lower safety injury rates, and higher annual profit. Learn how to benefit from plant reliability at ECI’s reliability workshop.

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ECI Offers More Uptime & Less Labor With Cyclonic Valves

Looking for an innovative low maintenance choke valve solution for your well pad? Cyclonic offers an angle body, single-piece valve that is quick to actuate (2-3 seconds from open to close) and can be installed as a drop-in replacement requiring NO piping changes. Because it is made from non-porous solid steel, it is exceptionally resistant to wear and tear in corrosive conditions.

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ECI Introduces Customers to the New Fisher™ FIELDVUE™ DVC7K

The DVC7K not only performs as expected for a valve controller, but also includes a variety of standard diagnostic tools with advanced communication protocols for simplicity of use. Through game-changing ‘Advice at the Device™ technology’, the valve controller monitors the data and can offer advice to operators on actions that should be performed.

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Increase Production, Improve Reliability & Remove Data Silos With ECI’s FBxEdge™

To ensure the safe, reliable, and efficient operation of manufacturing processes, operators and maintenance personnel need constant and clear visibility into what is happening—even in the most remote locations. To enable this visibility, teams need an enhanced automation platform that ensures data is provided reliably and delivered efficiently, while simultaneously minimizing the risk of cyberattacks. That’s where the FBxEdge comes in, which offers connectivity, computing, convenience and cybersecurity all in one platform.

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The Cost of Hazardous Occupational Noise & Benefits of New Noise Reduction Technologies From ECI

Many industrial sites experience high levels of noise exposure; process control environments are no exception. Control valves and regulators critical to enabling processes and advancing production create noise. High flow and high pressure drop applications tend to reach high sound levels quickly. Controlling noise volumes at their source is the most effective solution, and Emerson and ECI supply products developed specifically to reduce noise.

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Remote Asset Monitoring & Analysis Service From ECI

ECI’s Reliability Team can work with you to develop a subscription-based solution that won’t break your budget. Let ECI help you gain a clear overview of your organization’s goals and provide the keys to get started on your upcoming maintenance, asset management and reliability initiatives. Ask about their Starter Package!

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ECI’s New Operations Center is Open

ECI’s new Operations Center in Lawrence, PA, was designed with a ‘One Campus Approach’, enabling customers to visit their headquarters for an education event or a meeting with their sales team, and then walk over to their operations center. There, customers can see their skid being fabricated, check on a control panel in production, see a demo of ECI’s robotic welder, or check on the status of a control valve repair.

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Achieve Big Business Benefits With IP.21 and ECI

See how major organizations like Cabot, DuPont, and Infineum are achieving their long-term business objectives with IP.21. Interesting in migrating? IP.21 can quickly and effortlessly replace your current historian using ECI’s expertise coupled with sophisticated migrations tools.

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Experience Superior Pump Technology With Blackmer® Sliding Vane Pumps From ECI

Blackmer positive displacement pumps have revolutionized the pumping industry with their unique sliding vane technology. This revolutionary rotary vane design allows the pumps to self-adjust for wear to help maintain flow rates. The sliding vane pump design creates excellent self-priming and dry-run capabilities, while also providing sustained performance and trouble-free operation.

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Historian Migration Made Easy With ECI

With the evolution from data storage to industrial data management platforms, ECI is supporting forward-thinking manufacturers with a variety of professional services to support data integration, archiving, asset modeling, visualization, and analysis. ECI can implement and support Aspen InfoPlus.21® (IP.21)—one of the industry’s leading industrial process data historians and real-time application platforms for batch and time-series data.

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