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Improve OEE and Meet or Exceed Your Production KPIs With a Reliability Asset From ECI

An audit is the fastest path to making an impact. With a small investment in time and resources, you can be on the path to faster time to production, higher utilization rates, and lower operating costs. ECI’s Reliability Assessment process is a quick, yet thorough, evaluation of your maintenance and reliability program. Through interviews with key personnel, analysis of the various processes in place, and available data & tools, their experts compare your current practices against proprietary performance data & world class standards—culminating in a viable action plan presented to your stakeholders.

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ECI Provides Great Reasons to Switch to Wilden Pumps

Looking for good reasons to switch to Wilden® Pro-Flo® SHIFT AODD Pumps? See how these manufacturers solved their capacity, safety, and cost challenges with Wilden’s game-changing mechanical actuation technology. Does your manufacturing process involve aggressive fluids? Chem-Fuse diaphragms may be the key to solving your toughest temperature, abrasion resistance, or caustic fluid challenges.

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The ECAT Zero Emissions Option From ECI

ECI is passionate about providing the best possible sustainable solutions for their customers. ECAT is a tangible option, available now, to help customers meet their Methane Mitigation goals. The solution uses proven ‘gas over oil’ technology without venting emissions by re-injecting the gas back into the pipeline.

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Trade In/Trade Up To Wilden® AODD Industrial Pumps With ECI

With increasing energy costs and the sustainable manufacturing movement rapidly gaining momentum, Wilden® Pro-Flo® SHIFT pumps offer a proven AODD pump technology that can ease energy consumption and contribute to a more sustainable manufacturing process. With documented reductions in air consumption and simultaneous improvements in flow rates, Wilden Pro-Flo SHIFT Series AODD Pumps deserve a spot as a first-choice pumping solution for many of the world’s most significant manufacturing operations.

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Partner With ECI, Your Methane Mitigation Experts

In a world focused on decarbonization, it’s critical to keep pace with industry regulations and stakeholder expectations while meeting your own organization’s goals. The emphasis on zero emissions has pushed future state initiatives to current agendas—and ECI has the tools, technologies, and knowledge to help you move the bar.

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ECI Launches New Industrial Pumps Line Card

ECI, an industrial automation and process control partner serving customers in western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, western Maryland and Ohio, launched their new Industrial Pumps Line Card. Their portfolio includes the most innovative, efficient and high-quality products from leading manufacturers, like Cat Pumps, Crane, Blackmer, Liqua Flow, Grundfos, Neptune, Wilden and more.

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