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Meet Dave Gonzales, QA & Safety Manager at Scallon Controls

With over 23 years of experience with valves and instrumentation, Dave Gonzales is well-suited to his role as Manager of Quality Assurance and Safety Programs. As you would expect, he writes safety manuals and procedures, but most importantly, he implements programs that ensure Scallon Controls adheres to both industry and customer requirements. In addition to his day-to-day responsibilities, he is relied upon as a mentor and leader—always ‘on call’ to provide technical assistance for Scallon Controls technicians and solve problems for customers.

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Scallon Controls to Host DeltaV™ Workshop

Scallon Controls invites customers to their DeltaV v15 and Cybersecurity Workshop on October 19th. DeltaV equips customers with future-proof automation technologies that are easier to configure and maintain—while also propelling your performance to new levels. In addition, the Cybersecurity session will review current industry trends and available solutions to help you achieve a high level of security.

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Meet Stan Morgan, Lead MOV Technician at Scallon Controls

If you were to consider ideal qualities in an MOV (Motor Operated Valve) technician—one who you could trust implicitly with your facility—you might include characteristics like: great analytical mind, unflappable problem-solver, team player, sincere, and personable. Impossible? Not at all. Meet Stan Morgan, Scallon Controls’ Lead MOV Technician.

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Why a Major Terminal Facility Chose Scallon Controls

This terminal facility was already a customer of Scallon Controls when the mega-project was announced; however, as part of a public-private joint venture, it was open to anyone to win the bid—even though they were very familiar with both the customer site and the project. Read the customer story to learn about the two key advantages that allowed Scallon Controls to be selected as the vendor for valves and electric actuators.

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When an Actuator Fails, the Stakes Are High

Actuators play a critical role in manufacturing plants, often in the most demanding environments. Due to high-performance application, age, installation, or other factors, these devices may pose a significant risk to a plant’s infrastructure, safety, productivity, and uptime. Scallon Controls offers the latest generation of electric actuators with smart features.

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Better Than Bellows, Scallon Controls Showcases the Next Generation of PRVs

The Crosby™ J-Series pressure release valves with balanced diaphragm technology minimizes risks by replacing the bellows with a flexible reinformed elastomer diaphragm. Diaphragms are inherently more resilient for higher backpressures and rapid pressure cycling applications. The next generation technology helps reduce maintenance costs, improve reliability, increase safety, and lower emissions.

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Scallon Controls Releases Its New Company Line Card

For over 45 years, Scallon Controls has been serving The Golden Triangle and adjacent counties throughout East and Southeast Texas with quality products, superior service, and an unwavering commitment to our customers. Look into their entire portfolio of Flow Control, Isolation & Actuation, and Pressure Management Products and associated Mechanical Services; Industrial Controls & Safety Systems; and Reliability Solutions and Services.

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Scallon Controls to Host Open House

The Boil is Back… crawfish, that is! Scallon Controls is excited to invite its customers to join them at their 2023 Open House event on April 20, 2023. Scallon Controls will display new and innovative automation solutions—right at their 20-acre campus in Beaumont, TX.

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