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The Art and Science of Creating Great Videos

In today’s competitive landscape, there’s no better way to get your message across, memorably, than with video content. According to recent statistics, 84% of people say they have purchased products and services after watching a brand’s video. Over the past 5 years, we at Markitects have been working diligently with our clients to incorporate video into their marketing toolboxes—with great success. Let’s explore the art and science behind making a great video, tapping into the brain’s left (language and speech) and right (attention and problem-solving) hemispheres no matter which is dominant for you.

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It May Be Time to Give LinkedIn Some Serious Consideration

First, a confession: back in 2019, we were exactly where you may be. We didn’t think social media could be an overly successful channel for B2B marketing. Fast forward to 2020 when the pandemic hit. Our clients were actively looking for ways to reach their customers digitally, since in-person visits were no longer an option. People were being inundated with email marketing, so we turned to LinkedIn, the social media platform of choice for professionals. LinkedIn not only got the job done; it was amazingly effective and has since become part of most of our clients’ customer outreach programs.

The Unique LinkedIn Algorithm & Why It’s Beneficial to You

LinkedIn is similar to other social channels, but its amplification method is very different. While typically in B2B marketing, we focus on the Company Page, Individual Pages hold the power. Why? First, people follow people on LinkedIn; they’d much rather connect to a person than follow a company. Second, when a person posts on their profile, that post is shared with their Connections. When their Connections ‘Like’ the post, the post is further amplified and shared to additional Connections, etc. Thus, the magic of our B2B LinkedIn success comes from employee advocacy—using company employee profiles to broadcast company content to their connections and amplify that content exponentially.

To Begin Your LinkedIn Journey, Ask Yourself These Questions:

Who’s My Audience and Am I Connected to Them?

Getting Company Page Followers is challenging, but what about your salespeople’s LinkedIn networks? Are they actively connecting to their customers and prospects? While you’d expect the answer to be a resounding ‘yes’, often the answer is ‘no’. They’ll need a push, but you can help guide your sales teams in expanding their LinkedIn Connections by focusing on:

  • Current customer contacts
  • Prospects you are looking to do business with
  • Partners

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Markitects Included in Philadelphia Business Journal‘s Full Service Marketing Agency List

Markitects is proud to be included in the 2022 Philadelphia Business Journal Full Service Marketing Agency List! Each year, The Journal issues a list of Philadelphia’s top advertising, public relations, graphic design, video production, full-service marketing, brand marketing, and creative companies.

Ready to start your marketing program? Get in touch with us today!

Sales and Marketing: A Formidable Alliance

Historically, sales and marketing teams are not always on the same page. For salespeople, their objective is to get their products/services/solutions into the hands of their customers. Marketers, on the other hand, want to get the ‘idea’ of using or adopting the product into the minds of potential customers. You don’t always see these functions working together because their end goals are different; however, when sales and marketing organizations put aside their differences and collaborate, the results can be staggering. Experts report that aligning these functions can result in a 50% bump in your win rate.

To reap the benefits of an ideal Sales/Marketing partnership, you need to agree on some key elements:

The Target Audience and How They Purchase

Agree on who you are targeting and ‘how’ the customer decides to purchase your solution, known as their buying journey. The best way to determine your ideal customer is to map out ideal buyer characteristics. When related to the company, they are known as firmographics and for individuals, personas. Once this is determined, it will make it much easier to target your desired customers—whether they are current customers who could potentially buy more from you, or completely new customers. If your audience is technical, scientific, or engineering inclined, then they likely have some buying behaviors that have moved to the digital realm, while others may still desire a personal touch.

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Look Who’s Talking

If getting noticed is important to you, our PR strategies and communications planning team can put your brand and your message in the hands of influencers, the media, and your audience. That’s why national organizations, like NCCPAP, rely on Markitects to help them speak, advocate for taxpayers, and get published. Contact us to learn more.

The Power of Social Amplification

Your ability to increase connections through social media channels, like LinkedIn, can make the difference between losing your edge and double-digit growth. If you have hesitated in the past, 2022 is the year to take full advantage of your employees’ connections. Learn more about our social amplification programs and reach out to Markitects to get started.

Is Your Brand a Little Stale?

A great brand is memorable to clients, vendors, employees—and even competitors. Not only does it need to look fresh visually, but it is also influenced by the experiences and interactions your customers have with your company, long before a purchase is made. If your brand is a little stale, it’s time for a refresh with Markitects. Learn more about our services and contact us! We can guide you through developing your branding assets and so much more.

Its Time for You To Take a New Direction

Your marketing plan should align with the business in order to be actionable and effective. Hundreds of companies have used our strategic marketing process as the springboard for launching products and services, rebranding, and developing effective marketing roadmaps. Learn more about our services and contact Markitects.

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