Comprehensive Outage Management From The Pros at Proconex

The Pros at Proconex can guide you through their 6-step comprehensive Outage Management Process. In their experience, execution depends on the quality and thoroughness of the plan, so they pay a lot of attention to detail right up front. Proconex’s outage management professionals work with some of the top refineries and gas utility companies in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Proconex Offers Fisher™ FIELDVUE™ Upgrade Program

Save up to $450 on All DVC6200 Replacements Ordered Before September 25, 2020

Improve operational certainty and lay the foundation for digital transformation by upgrading to the DVC6200. Gain peace of mind by focusing on making your plant more effective, efficient, and operationally certain with the Fisher FIELDVUE DVC6200. For a limited time, a special discount is available when upgrading to a DVC6200 from any other positioner (Fisher or non-Fisher). Upgrade to the latest technology from the inventors of the Digital Valve Controller, using patented non-contact linkage-less feedback for unparalleled reliability and service life.

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Proconex Features Bettis™ RTS Compact & Fail-Safe Electric Actuators

Increase Operational Safety, Improve Productivity, Minimize Downtime, and Reduce Costs.

Replacing pneumatic actuators with mechanical fail-safe electric actuators can yield significant energy savings. This simplified process can reduce or cancel air compressor maintenance contracts and minimize system failures. RTS actuators include an integrated operational data logging capability that records data in real time, provides meter readings, and displays operating status, history, and warning alerts.

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Proconex Has the KTM™ Valves You Need, in All Brands, in Stock for Fast Delivery!

Proconex offers a wide variety of KTM™ floating and trunnion mounted ball valves, as well as pneumatichydraulic and electric actuators. In addition, their qualified technicians can service any valve or control device you need to efficiently operate your plant. For the brands you want, inventory you need, and an excellent customer experience, count on the Pros at Proconex.

Proconex Launches New Website

Congratulations Proconex! We thoroughly enjoyed our collaboration with you and all of the Emerson Impact Partners. It’s an honor to be your marketing agency for this important project featuring all of the products, services, and resources that are available to your customers.

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Ten Reasons Why DeltaV Customers Are Using Proconex DataJaguar™

Installing the DataJaguar™ system is integral to your operations improvement program.

Batch operators are constantly presented with the latest and greatest operations improvement programs; however, only one solution provides the ability to gain insights into the causes of batch process delays from day one – and that’s DataJaguar. 

Start refining your operational improvement program today. The DataJaguar team will be presenting information about the software at a May 29th webinar – sign up today.

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Proconex DataJaguar™ Turns Small Data into Big Improvements

DataJaguar™ improves the day-to-day productivity of your manufacturing facility. It harnesses analytics to improve batch manufacturing processes.

DataJaguar captures and contextualizes small data. The production analytics software allows you to capture the small data and gain better insights to the accurate cause of batch process delays.

Learn more about improving your batch manufacturing process today. To schedule a DataJaguar demo, contact the Pros at Proconex.

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Proconex’s Fisher™ OEM Parts: Quality You Can Count On

Non-OEM parts can be hazardous to your facility’s health. Despite their budget-friendly appeal, OEM alternative parts may not keep your factory running to its full capacity long term. The high level attention to detail that goes into Fisher™ OEM parts cannot be replicated by another manufacturer. Learn more by clicking on the image below.

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Proconex has Powerful Keystone™ Butterfly Valves In Stock & Ready for Delivery

Butterfly valves offer true isolation and control capabilities in a single product. Designed for accurate flow and pressure control, they are ideal in applications where positive isolation is required. Butterfly Valves can replace gate, ball and globe valves very cost-effectively. Learn more about their popular Keystone Butterfly Valves that are in stock and ready for delivery by clicking below.

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