Control Associates Highlights Their Valve Automation Center

Control Associates has a best-in-class Valve Automation Center with extensive automation and repair capabilities. Their factory-trained technicians typically have experience in the field and with multiple brands. As an Emerson Impact Partner, they have the availability of inventory like no other company in the region.

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Steam Specialties & Commercial HVAC Services from Control Associates

With an unmatched industry-leading valve, systems, and services portfolio, Control Associates has been supporting customers in the Greater New York Metro area since 1933. They pride themselves on delivering fast, competitive pricing to help their customers quickly and easily solve problems and execute projects. Many leading hospitals, universities, and commercial properties trust Control Associates—day in and day out—to implement a variety of services and solutions.

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Reduce Risk With Control Associate’s Asset Management Services

Finding available personnel with the knowledge and resources to lead the Preventative Maintenance charge is becoming more challenging each day. Yet, you are still accountable for unplanned outages, lost capacity, and repair costs—let alone supply chain issues. Control Associates, backed by digital tools and the strength of the Emerson supply chain, can help.

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Control Associates Helps Customer Gain Knowledge & Insights by Socializing Its Alarm Data—Beyond the Control System

In pharmaceutical companies, alarms are critical to the health of a room—and the viability of the product being manufactured there. Alarms, as part of the Control System, provide detailed information such as what day, time, how long, and if there was any product being made in that room when the alarms occurred. However, the Control System is typically in a separate room or secure part of the facility, where not everyone can have access to it—for many good reasons. But what if others can benefit from access to some of the data or the amalgamation of that data?

To address this challenge, the Control Associates Data Management team created an integration between the Control System and the industry’s widely accepted Data Historian tool.

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Emerson Impact Partners Invite Their Customers to Emerson Exchange 2022

Emerson Exchange is more than just an industry-leading technical conference; it’s a unique opportunity to learn how you can maximize assets and increase profitability with other leaders and experts from across the process automation industry. The event will take place in Grapevine, Texas from October 24, 2022 through October 28, 2022. Learn more about the event below.

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Control Associates Helps Customer Leverage Golden Batch Data to Improve Operator Response & Insights

This pharma company had been looking to benchmark its current batches against a ‘gold standard’ in terms of duration time for each step in their manufacturing process. They wanted to go beyond a post-batch analysis in order to compare current batches with their ideal batch—at any point in the process. To accomplish this, Control Associates needed to first store the golden batch data and then develop a way that allowed this customer to perform ad hoc reporting—on demand and on the fly. In addition, this customer also needed to view the data not only as a report, but also in real-time on their DeltaV™ control system. Read the full story to learn more.

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Speed Up Commercialization With Control Associates’ Life Sciences Data Management Solutions

Dissimilar systems, orphaned data, and limited tools to properly analyze R&D data. Sound familiar? The Data Management team at Control Associates has been hearing this challenge among our Life Sciences customers for a decade or more. This is an enormous problem for the industry because siloed data leads to the inability to gain much needed insights from your process development activity. And that problem further leads to a slowdown of the commercialization process.

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Control Associates’ Knowledge & Commitment Bring Tremendous Value to Their Power Customers

Control Associates has been providing valve diagnostics for over 20 years. Diagnostics programs allow them to understand the health of their customers’ valves without any disassembly or invasive service. The combination of Fisher™ FIELDVUE™ positioners and Fisher™ FIELDVUE™ ValveLink™ software gives them the tools to provide customers with a health report on their valves without even loosening a single bolt.

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