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DoubleStar Highlights Research Consultant, Andy Abshier

Meet Andy Abshier, a Research Consultant at DoubleStar. As a remote employee, Andy finds that communication is critical, as he works with multiple teams and a variety of clients. What attracted Andy to the opportunity at DoubleStar is that they keep people at the forefront of their mission. View his video to learn more about Andy and the work culture at DoubleStar.

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Specialized Life Sciences Company Benefits From DoubleStar Sourcing Strategy

Talent acquisition is critical for every organization but for an early growth company, it can make or break them. To achieve business goals and continue development of their team, this life sciences company could not settle for anything less than top candidates. While it is an arduous task to hire just one position in today’s environment, hiring for multiple positions requires an expert business partner like DoubleStar. DoubleStar helped this company by researching, sourcing, engaging, and screening prospective candidates to deliver a qualified and interested pool of individuals, and ultimately many successful hires, to the hiring manager.

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DoubleStar Highlights Recruitment Support Specialist, Ruby Brown

Meet Ruby Brown, a Recruitment Consultant at DoubleStar. In today’s hot candidate market, learn how Ruby benefits from the support of her colleagues and the guidance of her leadership team. Regardless of the scope or industry, she continues to gain new experiences with every project. View her video to learn more about Ruby and the working environment at DoubleStar.

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DoubleStar Highlights Managing Director of Recruitment Delivery, Christine Treski

Meet Christine Treski, Managing Director of Recruitment Delivery at DoubleStar. She helps set the strategic direction for the company, manages all client projects, and hires the firm’s recruitment consultants. In this video, she discusses DoubleStar’s onboarding process for new employees, the complexities and rewards of the firm’s sales expansion projects for pharmaceutical companies, and their approach to guiding clients through the challenges of the ‘great resignation’. Learn more about what makes DoubleStar a true partner to its clients.

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DoubleStar Highlights Recruitment Support Specialist, Melissa Brown

Meet Melissa Brown, one of DoubleStar’s Recruitment Support Specialists at DoubleStar. In the current competitive climate where candidates are so hard to find, she has found that the supportive culture at DoubleStar makes a difference. The compassionate environment strengthens Melissa’s love for the company, “I always say that I want to be the DoubleStar mascot. I love the people I work with—the leadership team, as well as my coworkers.” View her video to learn more about Melissa and the working environment at DoubleStar.

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DoubleStar Highlights Senior Research Consultant, Michelle Billetta

Meet Michelle Billetta, one of DoubleStar’s Senior Research Consultants at DoubleStar. Her clients, who are primarily in the IT and science fields, have a growing need for research. According to Michelle, “Because there are so many jobs and so few people for those jobs, research has to go out and find enough appropriate candidates to fill those positions”. View her video to learn more about Michelle and what it’s like to work at DoubleStar.

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DoubleStar Highlights Senior Recruitment Consultant, Alison Worth

Meet Alison Worth, one of DoubleStar’s Senior Recruitment Consultants at DoubleStar. For the past 11 years, she has met the challenges of many of DoubleStar’s clients, including those in healthcare. According to Alison, “Healthcare has always been a challenge but over the last two years candidate recruitment has been the hardest thing that any recruiter has faced. Not only are there increased needs but people are leaving the industry at an unprecedented rate.” View her video to learn more about Alison and what it’s like to work at DoubleStar.

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DoubleStar Publishes ‘Thought Leadership’ Article

Christine Treski, Managing Director at DoubleStar, offers 10 tips to keep the communication process going when engaging with employee candidates. As the market remains challenging for employers looking to hire, they need to take a close look at their interview processes to retain the candidates they have in play.

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