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Markitects, Inc. is a long-standing Strategy, Branding, Public Relations, and Digital Marketing Agency that services growth-oriented companies who market regionally, nationally, and globally. Since 1994, Markitects has introduced and positioned over three hundred products, services, and companies through the development of unique and targeted marketing communications know-how.

Markitects specialties include branding and launching innovative products and services worldwide. Through our unique Markitecture™ strategic branding and assessment process, Markitects has been a catalyst for growth and realignment, allowing companies to successfully differentiate themselves and capitalize on new business opportunities.

The marketing strategists, wordsmiths, and creative professionals at Markitects work diligently to intimately understand your business and apply proven marketing principles to solve real communications challenges.


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Our Team

Francine F. Carb


In Pursuit of Marketing Excellence

Whether developing launch strategies, leading the design team, or pursuing stories through her own branded approach to content development, Francine injects energy and creativity into every client engagement. You can find her advising CEOs, mentoring entrepreneurs, and making connections throughout the region—and beyond. If you have any marketing dilemma, Francine will work tirelessly to solve it.

Amanda Plavner

Digital Cruise Director

Steadying The Course for our Clients

From website development to paid advertising, Amanda leads the digital marketing team with a keen eye for strategy, planning, and analytics. As the metrics maven, she provides clients with meaningful insights that improve their businesses. With a sharp eye, and even sharper wit, Amanda is ready to take on ‘almost’ any digital marketing challenge and will execute it masterfully.

Joseph Crispino

Media Maestro

Reinventing Visual Experiences

A true creative professional, Joseph challenges himself to create the most eye-catching, effective visual designs possible for our clients. With a focus on optimizing the user experience, his graphics and animations push the limits of web interactivity. Watch for his work in both the digital and physical worlds to help brands get noticed and remembered.

Luke McClung

Design Doop

Going the Extra Yard

With his extensive graphic design experience, Luke is well-attuned to font, design, and the pursuit of white space. He also happens to be a huge Philadelphia Union fan-in case you’re wondering about the DOOP reference. Look for his contributions to brand development, collateral, social media imagery, and website visuals.

Jenna Richardson

Data Detective

uncovering clues for campaign effectiveness

Look to Jenna to help connect the dots between our digital marketing campaigns and customer engagement-whether through Google analytics, social media, or email metrics. With a natural curiosity and interest in data, Jenna is monitoring the performance of client campaigns and helping us gain insights to overall digital marketing effectiveness.

Nancy Vinkler

Master of the Internet

Guiding the Digital Way

Nancy uses all the tools in the toolbox to apply digital marketing techniques, best practices, and creative talent to any business. Her understanding of what clients truly need to achieve their objectives sets her apart from other ‘techies’. While anyone can learn how to use technology, it’s Nancy’s business acumen that drives measurable results—every time.

Mary Duff

The QuickBooks Expert

Keeping Our Records Straight

As you would expect, Mary keeps our books, and makes sure our business remains profitable, year over year. In addition, she’s very active with professional women’s organizations as well as a national CPA association.

Jeff Pinsk

Dr. Extraordinaire

Demystifying Medical Concepts

In addition to running a thriving family practice, Dr. Pinsk advises our team when working with healthcare and pharmaceutical clients. From providers to pharmacy services, and medical devices to miracles, his insights and knowledge help guide us toward delivering the most effective marketing approaches possible.


Furry Friend

Pursuing Playfulness

Meet The American Gentleman. Bogey brings smiles to everyone he encounters through his bubbly personality and insistence on playtime, all the time! Nicknamed for their gentle nature and tuxedo attire, Boston Terriers have been part of the American Kennel Club non-sporting breed since 1893.

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