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What Clients Ask For Most Often


Strategic Planning

Attract Ideal Clients, with Persona Development & Market Positioning

Your marketing plan must align with the business in order to be actionable and effective. That’s why our strategic planning methodology is the springboard for nearly every engagement we encounter. Validated by hundreds of companies worldwide, Markitecture™ has been instrumental in launching products and services, rebranding divisions and business units, and developing effective marketing processes. We gain consensus regarding pertinent issues and opportunities, then test and verify our findings by interviewing employees, customers, prospects, and partners. What we learn through one-on-one discussions reveals the most critical pieces to resolving the marketing and sales issues at hand. Markitecture enables us to attract ideal clients, develop appropriate personas for each market segment, and reach out to prospects throughout the customer journey.

Brand Development

Exert Power and Influence, with a Comprehensive Brand

A brand encompasses all attributes that inform clients, vendors, employees—and even competitors. It’s influenced by the experiences and interactions your audience has with your company, long before a purchase is made or an engagement letter is signed. This intangible experience carries over to the visuals and messaging your company presents to the outside world. And it carries a lot of power and influence! Your visual brand consists of your logo, colors, fonts, icons, tagline, and layout for any marketing collaterals—whether physical or digital. It includes real life applications—from the signage on your building, coffee mug, golf shirt, or exhibit booth, to a proposal, or even your physical checks. These items are seen and experienced publicly, so they carry weight when it comes to developing a lasting impression.

Product Launch

Expand Your Reach, with New Products in New Markets

When growth plans or competitive pressures require you to expand into new geographies, reach untapped market segments, or add to your product portfolio, it’s time to do a launch. Launch is unique in that it requires all of the skills, talents, and industry knowledge of starting a new endeavor, yet it resides within an existing company, which is very challenging. Companies ask, “What is this new thing and how does it fit?” With decades of experience and hundreds of product launches on our resume, Markitects provides sound advice and a viable action plan. With the strategic mindset to help you work through brand, voice of customer, marketing plan, and sales approach, we can ensure your new product or service is well received…and in a timely manner.

Digital Upgrade

Be Relevant, with Responsive Design & Content Marketing

There’s no question that being relevant requires two imperatives: a working website—one that enables new and existing customers to easily find you on the Internet, and relevant content—original or sourced information emailed to customers on a consistent basis and posted on your website. In today’s world, that means developing your website on a responsive platform to allow others to find your company using Google and optimize the user experience from any device. Combined with content-driven marketing, your website will become a sought after resource. Once the digital experts at Markitects evaluate your website, email marketing, and social media outlets, we will create a customized plan that includes internal thought leadership, market-specific tracks, and branded visual components designed to keep your digital brand at the forefront.

Socially Connect

A Highly Effective Amplification Program for B2B Marketers

Consider the facts: Social media engagements are up 2,700% since lockdown. What this means is that you and your company’s ability to increase connections through social media channels, like LinkedIn, can make the difference between losing your edge altogether and double-digit growth. If you think social media is just for consumers, you’re missing out on one of the most powerful and influential marketing tools available for B2B organizations. Need proof? Our clients have gone from nearly zero social media recognition to influencer status…in less than one year. More importantly, they are winning a LOT of new business.

There’s never been a more important time to embrace change than right now. Our digital marketing experts have ironed out the kinks and created a comprehensive soup to nuts program—including training for your sales teams, best practices, a sophisticated software platform, and full creative and implementation services. Learn more.

Additional Services

Graphic Design

Aesthetically pleasing visuals attract viewers, portray your brand well, and enhance content. The creative team at Markitects has an eye for how and when to use images, info graphics, and icons to enhance any marketing communication.

Content Creation

Clever content appeals to your target audience’s intelligence and gains trust. Markitects has been developing technical, scientific, and engineering content for decades, so do not hesitate to use us as your editorial guide and partner.

Case Studies

Because Markitects is a third party, clients are more willing to engage during a facilitated conversation. While we ask that you make the introduction, we can take it from there—regardless of the technical or engineering knowledge required.

Email Marketing

Using a template? Sending from an info@ address? If you are wondering why your results are less than stellar, it’s likely the fault of one of the pillars of email marketing: visual impact, content relevancy, and database accuracy.

Fill a Talent Gap

If you need top talent to replace a former employee or head up a new initiative, Markitects can fill the gap. Whether pure marketing, digital, PR, content, or graphics, we’ll jump right in and become part of your team.

Elevate the Marketing Role

By partnering with Markitects, you can access strategic thinking and creative expertise free of internal constraints, while significantly improving the results. Improve speed to market. Eliminate internal biases. Leverage a broad spectrum of knowledge.


Create a true marketing-to-sales ecosystem by connecting the dots between outbound emails, digital content, and your website. SEO combined with a content marketing program will improve searches and consistently engage clients.

Social Media

Not sure if social is for you? Take another look because your competitors are likely active. We’ll make sure your content is published and shared. If your sales team needs some tips, we can guide them along the way.

Website Development

Websites are the cornerstone of most businesses, where a first impression marks the beginning of the sales cycle. Whether a refresh or rebuild, our projects start by creating a structure aligned with the customer journey and selecting the right technology platform.

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