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Proconex Showcases Hardy Weighing Solutions

Proconex provides a full line of Hardy industrial weighing solutions that can be applied to the process and packaging industries. The line includes products such as weight controllers, industrial platform scales, and check weighing systems.

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Project Implementation Problems Solved With Proconex

Proconex’s global pharmaceutical manufacturing client was installing nearly 100 bioreactors and small benchtop units at their single-use facility when COVID hit. The Proconex DeltaV™ project implementation team immediately went to work rethinking their project plan to determine how to use remote technologies to pull this off, and stay on schedule. 

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Integration and Validation Challenges Solved With Proconex

Proconex’s global single-use, flexible manufacturing client was ready to scale their process to a new, larger facility. The team at Proconex was just getting ready to start installation and commissioning when the pandemic hit. A large number of skids—from all over the world—were standing by, ready to be integrated with DeltaV. Proconex reorganized its process to provide a single automation/validation team, including project management, engineering, and commissioning. 

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Proconex Hosts O&G Webinar About ESG Solutions

As the Oil and Gas industry continues to evolve, ESG solutions have become a top priority to reduce emissions. Join Proconex on June 30 at 12PM to gain insights from industry leaders who are embracing ESG initiatives and embarking on a journey to zero emissions. You will learn how EQT is setting the standard for change throughout the industry, as well as gain insights into the emissions-reducing solutions being implemented by CanadianEagle.

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Achieve Digital Transformation Excellence & Start Your Journey with the Pros at Proconex

Today’s overwhelming range of Digital Transformation capabilities have resulted in a seismic shift in how customers evaluate and deploy their DT solutions. This can be a daunting task, at best. In order to get in the right frame of mind, the Pros at Proconex recommend beginning your DT conversation with a Technical Discovery. Think of this process as a strategic, mission-critical component to gathering the right information for decision-making. 

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Proconex Explains How to Use IIoT Technology to Improve Reliability & Safety

Digital transformation is a strategy for using digital technologies, such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), to improve performance. While the process industries have used digital technologies for decades, the introduction of the Internet and other advanced communications methods, such as improved internal intranets, have eased implementation. This has helped to extend the same types of improvements seen in core manufacturing production processes into other operational areas, like reliability and safety. Read more >

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