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Markitects Recognized as One of the Best Digital Marketing Experts to Hire

DesignRush has released their 2021 global rankings of top digital marketing experts. Markitects is honored to be on the list and represent the Philadelphia Region as the only agency mentioned from the area.

Markitects’ Digital Marketing Team is adept in social media marketing, employee advocacy, digital advertising, website design and development, email marketing, and more. Contact us if you’re ready to step up your digital strategy and execution!

Read the full release, here.

Markitects Recognized as a Top Email Marketing Company

59% of users say marketing emails influence their purchase decisions. As a full service marketing agency, Markitects can help from start to finish! From content marketing, to email design and programming, to database management and actual sending of emails, Markitects can guide you through the process and track the success of each email campaign.

Markitects is honored to be recognized as a Top Email Marketing Company by multiple companies, including

Read the full release here!

Markitects Ranked as Top Web Developers in Philadelphia

Recently Expertise evaluated almost 200 Web Developers in Philadelphia to create a top 20 list based on numerous factors, including reputation, credibility, experience, availability, and professionalism. Markitects, Inc. was selected as a top website developer!

As a full service marketing agency, Markitects combines graphic design, content marketing, and marketing strategy with technical expertise to help clients throughout the Philadelphia metro area and beyond attract and retain qualified leads. We help clients with website design, website development, maintenance, and overall project management. Markitects is also adept at monitoring and reporting on post-live metrics.

Best Web Developers in Philadelphia

You can see some of our recent website endeavors with iPipeline and Proconex.

Visit our services page for more information and contact the Markitects team if you’re ready to refresh your website.

Markitects Welcomes Courtney Bowman, Art Director

Markitects welcomes its first Art Director, Courtney Bowman to our team of marketing professionals. With a wealth of experience in all areas of design as well as project management, Courtney will help push the limits of our creativity and manage our expanding design team. Meet our Markitects Unicorn—a rare find, indeed. Learn more about Courtney here.

iPipeline Launches Canadian Website

Congratulations to our Canadian friends at iPipeline! We are glad that we could help launch your new website.

Markitects is ranked as a top digital agency by Design Rush. Learn more here.

Markitects Recognized as a Top Digital Marketing Company

DesignRush has recognized Markitects as a Top Digital Marketing Company.

As a full service marketing agency, Markitects’ Digital Marketing Team is adept in digital advertising, website design and development, social media, content marketing, email marketing, analytics, and more! Visit our services page for more information and contact us if you’re ready to improve your strategy and execution.

Read the full release here!

Markitects Featured in Forbes’ “How Will Experiential Marketing Evolve? 13 Experts Share Their Views”

Forbes features Markitects’ Founder & CEO, Francine F. Carb, in a recent article. The title is “How Will Experiential Marketing Evolve? 13 Experts Share Their Views”.

One of the most innovative approaches to marketing in the last year has been the growth of experiential marketing. By making the audience part of the marketing push, companies have managed to generate more interest in their products as a result. Even so, this type of marketing takes a lot of setup, and many businesses aren’t sure they’re ready to invest in the trend of experiential marketing as yet.

While experiential marketing has been consistently hyped as the “next big thing,” the fact that it depends greatly on human interaction has made industry professionals question its validity at a time when social distancing has become the norm. Experts from Forbes Agency Council weigh in on the current and future impact that experiential marketing is likely to have on the industry, and give us advice on how leaders can adapt to its effects.

Francine Carb, Founder and CEO of Markitects, recommends bridging the gap with video demos. “In the business-to-business world, video demos can effectively bridge the experiential marketing gap. By promoting technical experts as the heroes, customers can gain valuable insights, and companies can more intimately represent their brand. Demos can also be a little more light in nature and thus capture the personality of the company — a necessary component of establishing or expanding a customer relationship.”

Markitects works every day to keep our clients on the cutting edge of videos, to help them define themselves. Contact us to learn how our thriving agency can enhance your brand with specifically created videos.

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5 Key Metrics to Track When Raising Awareness of a Company’s CEO on LinkedIn

By Amanda Plavner, Digital Marketing Manager, Markitects, Inc.

Note: for most of the items below, you need login access to your CEO’s LinkedIn account.


Connections are by default also Followers. It’s important to note how many Connections/Followers your CEO has at the start of your campaign and then on an ongoing basis while your campaign runs.

From a metrics standpoint, the number of Connections you have is only visible when logged into the CEO’s LinkedIn account; other users cannot see the exact number of Connections he or she has. The Follower metric is visible from anyone’s account that is connected to the CEO. There is not a historical record of this from a Personal LinkedIn page; instead, you should manually track this metric weekly.

If the CEO becomes a “LinkedIn Influencer,” people may start following the CEO’s page without connecting with them. However, Connections should still increase.

Important questions to ask: Is the CEO’s LinkedIn audience growing? Are we reaching more people? Are more people asking to connect with the CEO because of this campaign?

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5 Ways to Amplify the Reach of Your CEO’s (or Other Executive’s) LinkedIn Posts

By Amanda Plavner, Digital Marketing Manager, Markitects, Inc.

How It Works: When a Connection ‘Likes’ a post, then that post appears in their Connections’ news feeds, thus amplifying reach. Since everyone has their own unique Connection network on LinkedIn, the more ‘Likes’ your posts receive, the more amplified it becomes.


When you post on LinkedIn, your post will automatically display in all of your Connections’ news feeds. It’s best to connect with people that will:

  • Be interested in the topics you post
  • Engage with your LinkedIn posts
  • Act as a referral network to spread your message even further

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