Fairman Group Answers Questions Regarding Saving for Education

There are many factors to consider when saving for future education costs-the time between now and when the funds are needed, risk tolerance of the investor, investment preference, and individual tax situation. It may be obvious, but Fairman Group always recommends saving for education as early as possible in a child’s life, so that there’s a more sizable time horizon for the money to grow. To read some of the most common questions Fairman Group is asked, click on the link below.

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Fairman Group Explains Educational Tax Credits Benefits

A tax credit is a wonderful thing because it lowers your tax bill, dollar for dollar. What could be even better? Lowering your tax bill and having the money go towards the noble cause of education.

Pennsylvania offers two educational tax credits as a means for providing families alternatives to their neighborhood public schools. The Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) is a tax credit for contributions to a qualified Scholarship Organization, Educational Improvement Organization or Pre-Kindergarten Scholarship Organization.

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Fairman Group Warns of Potential Unintended Risk Creeping Into Your Portfolio

The stock market is now up 44.7% and the bond market is up 9.6%. While investors have no doubt enjoyed these returns, they should be aware of the potential for an unintended, and potentially unwanted, consequence of strong markets. Fairman Group recommends investors rebalance their portfolio back toward the original allocation target at least quarterly, or more often if market movements have created a significant deviance from the target.

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Fairman Group Explains How the SECURE Act May Affect You

The Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act is one of the biggest pieces of legislation regarding retirement plans in recent memory. As with any update to the tax and retirement planning landscape, it’s important to review your particular situation to understand the potential effects of these changes. Among the provisions of the SECURE Act, there are a few that deserve special attention.

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Fairman Group Provides 12 Tax Planning Ideas for 2019

There is still time to implement some great tax planning ideas for 2019. While many planning tools remain similar to last year, the IRS has issued new guidance that could affect your tax situation.

Idea 1: Charitable Contributions

  • Consider a Donor Advised Fund (DAF). If you want to take advantage of itemized deductions, but do not want all the money to go to the charity in a single year, a DAF is the perfect vehicle to accomplish this goal.
  • Consider a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD). Instead of taking a distribution from an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), taxpayers age 70 ½ and over may directly transfer up to $100,000 to public charities. The income tax benefit is not a charitable deduction, but rather, the exclusion of the donation amount from your income.
  • Charitable contributions in exchange for state or local tax credits are now limited. The IRS issued final regulations that require taxpayers to reduce their Federal charitable deduction by state or local tax credits received in return for their contribution. For PA residents, this has a direct impact on charitable contributions made through Pennsylvania’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit and Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit programs.

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Comprehensive Financial Services from Fairman Group Family Office

One of the things that makes Fairman Group unique is the comprehensive suite of services they provide—all under one roof: Tax Preparation and Planning, Investment Advice, Life Planning, and Estate Planning. When people think of Fairman Group, they think of high technical expertise, commitment to quality, high touch service, and unwavering dedication to our clients.

Fairman Group Discusses Unexpected Wealth: When Wealth Becomes A Reality

Wealth can be garnered in numerous ways—from diligent savings, prudent investing, entrepreneurial ventures, equity compensation structures, inheritance, or divorce.

Whatever the circumstances, with newly created or realized wealth comes great responsibility, significant complexity, and potentially unsettling emotions. Handling this responsibility effectively can help ease your financial stress, simplify the associated burdens, and enable a more gratifying life experience.

At what point is someone considered to be wealthy? As with the notion of ‘success’, the definition of ‘wealth’ can differ across a spectrum of varying beliefs. Regardless, one universal truth remains: Without thorough consideration and careful planning, a significant change in the financial status of an individual or family can create confusion and complications.

If you find yourself faced with a multitude of financial issues dues to unexpected wealth, consider these questions:

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Fairman Group Has Moved!

Same Service, Same Team, New Location

After months of planning and preparation, they have moved their offices to Liberty Ridge in the Chesterbrook Business Park. Get a glimpse of the construction project and the new office in the video below!

Fairman Group Family Office’s Next Nest Series – A Must Read For The Empty Nester

If you are ready to retire, entering a second career, caring for aging parents, or have adult children, you won’t want to miss Fairman Group Family Office’s must-read, fictional series about the financial challenges, opportunities and gotcha’s regarding life challenges as an empty nester.

The Next Nest series follows the Carlsons, a fictional family, who lives on the Main Line. Their three children are grown and out of the house with families of their own, each navigating their own personal and financial challenges. As new empty nesters, the Carlsons want to act on available opportunities and are ready to pursue some of their goals–such as the forever-pushed-back home renovation project–while also navigating the new challenges that come with this stage of life.

Read the stories below for real insights and the financial implications of the opportunities and challenges that come along with the empty-nester life.

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Fairman Group Discusses Equity Compensation

You may have noticed quite a few articles in the news recently about Equity Compensation—usually referring to some astronomical amount of compensation that a CEO is being rewarded. While those articles tend to sensationalize executive compensation, “equity” as compensation is quite common—and you may already be the recipient of one or more types of equity compensation.

Equity compensation is pay in the form of company ownership or stock. It can be awarded instead of, or in conjunction with, regular cash compensation. Many employers consider equity to be a way of aligning an employee’s interest with the goals and growth of the company. It could take the form of:

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