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NCCPAP Announces June 2023 NCCPAP NOW Event

NCCPAP will be hosting its next session on June 12, 2023 at 10 AM ET. This session will start off with NCCPAP’s National President, Frank E. Sands, CPA who will give an update on various issues and topics affecting practitioners. Next, attendees will hear from NCCPAP’s IRS liaison and tax committee co-chair, Stephen F. Mankowski, CPA, CGMA, regarding specifics on the status of IRS Notices, Congressional legislation, and pending laws affecting attendees’ practices and clients, based on NCCPAP’s recent visits with various legislators in Washington, D.C. After that, guest speaker Melanie Lauridsen, Director of Tax Practice & Ethics at AICPA, will be speaking about the new Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) Regulations that take effect on January 1, 2024, and how they will affect taxpayers.

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Packaging Manufacturer Relies on Experitec For Knowledge and Quick Response

This customer called Experitec in the middle of the night because a turbine control valve on one of their paper machines failed. When one of these machines is down, the lost revenue is significant—about $25,000 per hour! Because of the criticality of this valve, the customer keeps a few spares in play; two of those spares were currently in for repairs. Furthermore, according to inventory records, there was a 3rd spare somewhere at their facility, but the person who managed that was on vacation. Experitec immediately took ownership of the entire emergency situation.

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NCCPAP Releases April 2023 Tax Update

NCCPAP has released its monthly Tax Update. Highlighted topics of this month’s report include IRA/RMD Updates, Collection Notices, Dirty Dozen Tax Evasion Schemes, Tax Pro Account’s Interactive Experience, and more.

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Better Than Bellows, Scallon Controls Showcases the Next Generation of PRVs

The Crosby™ J-Series pressure release valves with balanced diaphragm technology minimizes risks by replacing the bellows with a flexible reinformed elastomer diaphragm. Diaphragms are inherently more resilient for higher backpressures and rapid pressure cycling applications. The next generation technology helps reduce maintenance costs, improve reliability, increase safety, and lower emissions.

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Experitec’s Reliability Solutions Team Debunks the ROI Myth for Process Manufacturing Plants

It’s true that expense and time are the most common factors that prevent people from making incremental improvements in their reliability journey. However, the facts remain that most downtime events and unplanned costs are usually due to a handful of ‘bad actors’, and it only requires a small investment to monitor the health of those critical assets. The Experitec team takes this on in our long-running MythBusters series.

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Control Associates Acquires MV Controls

Control Associates, Inc. has announced its acquisition of MV Controls, Inc., an HVAC solutions provider serving the same region. This acquisition expands and extends Control Associates’ HVAC leadership position by allowing them to offer supplemental steam and hydronic solutions and components, in addition to the wide variety of premier steam solutions and technical acumen that Control Associates already offers.

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Harden Your Operations Technology Assets Against Cybersecurity Risks With Control Associates

Regardless of your situation or industry, Control Associates’ experts can help better prepare your network and systems for any cyberattack. They will utilize a variety of OT infrastructure services to assess and monitor your systems—available on-premises or in the cloud. Their services include the identification and assessment of vulnerabilities, remediation of protection gaps, and securing your process shop floor systems from cybersecurity risks.

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Safety at the Forefront for a Massive Automation Conversion by Experitec

This manufacturing customer was upgrading its entire process control system, ultimately rewiring every cabinet at its site, as well as replacing all of the back panels and Motor Control Center (MCC). As one of Experitec’s largest projects, this required a two-week shutdown for full implementation, as well as an additional week for commissioning. Of the 4,000 hours dedicated to this enormous undertaking, Experitec reported zero injuries.

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NCCPAP Releases March 2023 Tax Update

NCCPAP has released its March 2023 Tax Update. Highlighted topics of this month’s report include Tax Year Progress Report, SB/SE Division Updates, the Burden Survey Program, and multilingual initiatives.

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