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Specialized Life Sciences Company Benefits From DoubleStar Sourcing Strategy

Talent acquisition is critical for every organization but for an early growth company, it can make or break them. To achieve business goals and continue development of their team, this life sciences company could not settle for anything less than top candidates. While it is an arduous task to hire just one position in today’s environment, hiring for multiple positions requires an expert business partner like DoubleStar. DoubleStar helped this company by researching, sourcing, engaging, and screening prospective candidates to deliver a qualified and interested pool of individuals, and ultimately many successful hires, to the hiring manager.

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Experitec Features Their Actuation Expertise

Whether you are modernizing your infrastructure, moving to a more sustainable energy source, or looking for local experts who can do the complete job AND train your people, look no further than Experitec. Their technicians and engineering experts can handle a wide range of customer needs—from small projects requiring parts and service, to retrofitting older units, to engineering a complete solution including all of the mounting hardware for dozens of units…or more. Experitec’s product portfolio includes leading brands from Emerson—like Bettis™, EIM™, and Keystone™—to automate your motor operated valves, with confidence.

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Scallon Controls to Host Open House

The Boil is Back… crawfish, that is! Scallon Controls is excited to invite its customers to join them at their 2023 Open House event on April 20, 2023. Scallon Controls will display new and innovative automation solutions—right at their 20-acre campus in Beaumont, TX.

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DoubleStar Highlights Recruitment Support Specialist, Ruby Brown

Meet Ruby Brown, a Recruitment Consultant at DoubleStar. In today’s hot candidate market, learn how Ruby benefits from the support of her colleagues and the guidance of her leadership team. Regardless of the scope or industry, she continues to gain new experiences with every project. View her video to learn more about Ruby and the working environment at DoubleStar.

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NCCPAP Announces January 2023 NCCPAP NOW Event

NCCPAP will be hosting its next session on January 30, 2023 at 10 AM ET. This session, Engagement Letters Designed to Protect You and Your Clients, will include how to improve your practice and protect yourself by instituting a policy of sending engagement letters annually. The featured speaker will share details regarding each party’s responsibilities and what should be included in this type of letter.

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Experitec Highlights One of Their Reliability Technicians

Creating a solid Reliability Team takes more than good customer communication skills and technical acumen; the team also requires a solutions specialist—someone to organize resources, order products, and coordinate all that’s necessary for a successful reliability engagement. Maureen Wilson is that person standing at the helm who is responsible for the entire project coming together as planned. Whatever is needed to fulfill a customer requirement comes to the attention of Maureen.

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Control Associates Highlights Their Valve Automation Center

Control Associates has a best-in-class Valve Automation Center with extensive automation and repair capabilities. Their factory-trained technicians typically have experience in the field and with multiple brands. As an Emerson Impact Partner, they have the availability of inventory like no other company in the region.

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