Markitects Recognized as a Top Digital Marketing Company

DesignRush has recognized Markitects as a Top Digital Marketing Company.

As a full service marketing agency, Markitects’ Digital Marketing Team is adept in digital advertising, website design and development, social media, content marketing, email marketing, analytics, and more! Visit our services page for more information and contact us if you’re ready to improve your strategy and execution.

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Proconex Features Bettis™ RTS Compact & Fail-Safe Electric Actuators

Increase Operational Safety, Improve Productivity, Minimize Downtime, and Reduce Costs.

Replacing pneumatic actuators with mechanical fail-safe electric actuators can yield significant energy savings. This simplified process can reduce or cancel air compressor maintenance contracts and minimize system failures. RTS actuators include an integrated operational data logging capability that records data in real time, provides meter readings, and displays operating status, history, and warning alerts.

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Markitects Featured in Forbes’ “How Will Experiential Marketing Evolve? 13 Experts Share Their Views”

Forbes features Markitects’ Founder & CEO, Francine F. Carb, in a recent article. The title is “How Will Experiential Marketing Evolve? 13 Experts Share Their Views”.

One of the most innovative approaches to marketing in the last year has been the growth of experiential marketing. By making the audience part of the marketing push, companies have managed to generate more interest in their products as a result. Even so, this type of marketing takes a lot of setup, and many businesses aren’t sure they’re ready to invest in the trend of experiential marketing as yet.

While experiential marketing has been consistently hyped as the “next big thing,” the fact that it depends greatly on human interaction has made industry professionals question its validity at a time when social distancing has become the norm. Experts from Forbes Agency Council weigh in on the current and future impact that experiential marketing is likely to have on the industry, and give us advice on how leaders can adapt to its effects.

Francine Carb, Founder and CEO of Markitects, recommends bridging the gap with video demos. “In the business-to-business world, video demos can effectively bridge the experiential marketing gap. By promoting technical experts as the heroes, customers can gain valuable insights, and companies can more intimately represent their brand. Demos can also be a little more light in nature and thus capture the personality of the company — a necessary component of establishing or expanding a customer relationship.”

Markitects works every day to keep our clients on the cutting edge of videos, to help them define themselves. Contact us to learn how our thriving agency can enhance your brand with specifically created videos.

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NCCPAP Supports H.R.7010

On May 28, 2020, the United States House of Representatives passed H.R.7010, the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act of 2020, by a vote of 417-1. The National Conference of CPA Practitioners announces its support of this legislation.

When the CARES Act was passed in March, many of its provisions were designed to assist the small business owner; however, they were written vaguely and became subject to interpretation by the U.S. Department of the Treasury in a way unintended by the legislation. Other aspects did not fully take into consideration the effects of the economic shutdown across the country. This newly proposed legislation is an attempt to rectify some of those effects.

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NCCPAP’s Membership Benefits

The National Conference of CPA Practitioners (NCCPAP) is a nationwide organization offering its members:

  • A national voice presenting your views to Congress, the profession, the business community, and state boards of accounting.
  • Quality, accredited Continuing Professional Education seminars on local and national levels.
  • National newsletter.
  • Membership Guide and Referral Directory. 
  • Practitioners helping practitioners.  Join in on our latest discussions and follow our recent blogs.
  • Cooperative buying program offering discounts on products and services used by CPA firms.

The National Conference of CPA Practitioners provides you and your firm with valuable discounts, informational tools, and the enhanced services you need to succeed in today’s business environment. NCCPAP wants to be your business partner in a whole line of affinity programs.

NCCPAP’s Capitol Hill Conference

Normally, May is when the NCCPAP (National Conference of CPA Practitioners) Board of Directors, Tax Committee, and other members go to Washington, D.C. Their purpose is to meet with members of Congress, the IRS, U.S. Department of the Treasury, and others who create the laws, and the interpretation of those law, that affect taxpayers. This highlight of the year involves a twelve-month-long process. They set an agenda, select those government representatives to visit, match NCCPAP members with them, and confirm in-person meetings. This year, NCCPAP will organize a small group of its members and likely visit Capitol Hill in the fall. In the meantime, this video showcases the importance of this event, what has been accomplished over the years, and the impact it has on members—and the CPA profession, in general.

Proconex Has the KTM™ Valves You Need, in All Brands, in Stock for Fast Delivery!

Proconex offers a wide variety of KTM™ floating and trunnion mounted ball valves, as well as pneumatichydraulic and electric actuators. In addition, their qualified technicians can service any valve or control device you need to efficiently operate your plant. For the brands you want, inventory you need, and an excellent customer experience, count on the Pros at Proconex.

Fairman Group’s Shawn Kindt, CPA/PFS, CFP® Speaks About Retirement Planning

In our present and uncertain times, sitting down to do long-term retirement planning may not be a top priority but it should be. There is enormous value in assessing your financial condition in connection with your evolving goals and aspirations. In this brief video, Fairman Group Partner, Shawn Kindt, CPA/PFS, CFP®, discusses the importance of evaluating your financial situation to help determine—and plan for—the next chapter of your life.

NCCPAP Supports the Small Business Expense Protection Act of 2020 (S.3612)

NCCPAP appreciates the efforts of Senator Chuck Grassley, Senator Ron Wyden, and their colleagues in the United States Senate to help small businesses across the country during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

In an open letter to Senators Grassley and Wyden, NCCPAP President Neil H. Fishman, CPA, CFE, FCPA, CAMS and Co-chairs of the NCCPAP Tax Policy Committee, Stephen F. Mankowski, CPA, CGMA and Sanford E. Zinman, CPA wrote, “At this time, NCCPAP wants to give our support to S.3612, the ‘Small Business Expense Protection Act of 2020.’

“It is clear to us that when the CARES Act (H.R.748) was passed, the intent was to provide assistance to small businesses and their owners once they were able to restart their operations. On April 30, the IRS issued Notice 2020-32 stating that businesses participating in the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) would not be allowed to deduct expenses that their PPP funds were used for, even though they met the criteria for forgiveness. This, in our opinion, contradicts the intent of the previously passed legislation, which was written to assist small businesses, not hinder them.

“It is our hope that this legislation will become law, and that once the economy is allowed to restart, small business owners will get the full benefit of the CARES Act, as it was intended.”

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