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Scallon Controls to Host DeltaV™ Workshop

Scallon Controls invites customers to their DeltaV v15 and Cybersecurity Workshop on October 19th. DeltaV equips customers with future-proof automation technologies that are easier to configure and maintain—while also propelling your performance to new levels. In addition, the Cybersecurity session will review current industry trends and available solutions to help you achieve a high level of security.

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NCCPAP Announces October 2023 NCCPAP NOW Event

NCCPAP will be hosting its next session on October 23, 2023 at 10 AM ET, featuring guest speaker, former NCCPAP President, and 2022 Gold Award recipient, Neil H. Fishman, CPA, CFE, FCPA, CAMS. Neil will speak about why occupational fraud occurs. In addition to his segment, NCCPAP’s National President, Frank E. Sands, CPA will give an update on various issues and topics affecting practitioners and NCCPAP’s IRS liaison and tax committee co-chair, Stephen F. Mankowski, CPA, CGMA, will present an update on IRS Notices, Congressional legislation, and pending laws affecting attendees’ practices and clients.

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ECI Provides Great Reasons to Switch to Wilden Pumps

Looking for good reasons to switch to Wilden® Pro-Flo® SHIFT AODD Pumps? See how these manufacturers solved their capacity, safety, and cost challenges with Wilden’s game-changing mechanical actuation technology. Does your manufacturing process involve aggressive fluids? Chem-Fuse diaphragms may be the key to solving your toughest temperature, abrasion resistance, or caustic fluid challenges.

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Turn Downtime Into a Winning Business Opportunity With Experitec

Companies that capitalize on down markets to pursue reliability improvements can better prepare themselves for when it really matters. Re-consider all the reasons that you’ve stalled and start making positive changes. Explore commonly heard Reliability Myths—debunked by the Experitec MythBusters!

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The ECAT Zero Emissions Option From ECI

ECI is passionate about providing the best possible sustainable solutions for their customers. ECAT is a tangible option, available now, to help customers meet their Methane Mitigation goals. The solution uses proven ‘gas over oil’ technology without venting emissions by re-injecting the gas back into the pipeline.

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Get Ready for Heating Season With Control Associates

Control Associates is your partner for steam specialties, commercial HVAC, and hydronic solutions. Major hospitals, universities, commercial properties, and their owners/operators throughout the NY Metro Area trust Control Associates—day in and day out—for their comprehensive portfolio of solutions and local service & support.

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Reliability and Performance Improvements Unlock Future Growth for This Experitec Customer

This major national midstream service provider needed to increase efficiency and avoid surge when operating the plant’s two refrigeration compressors in parallel. After completing a site survey, Emerson developed a customized load sharing algorithm to operate within the plant’s most efficient window relative to their compression load. Once the customer upgraded their electrical infrastructure, Emerson implemented its recommendations. Experitec oversaw the entire project and adapted Emerson’s functionality to look and feel like the customer’s existing Distributed Control System (DCS).

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Trade In/Trade Up To Wilden® AODD Industrial Pumps With ECI

With increasing energy costs and the sustainable manufacturing movement rapidly gaining momentum, Wilden® Pro-Flo® SHIFT pumps offer a proven AODD pump technology that can ease energy consumption and contribute to a more sustainable manufacturing process. With documented reductions in air consumption and simultaneous improvements in flow rates, Wilden Pro-Flo SHIFT Series AODD Pumps deserve a spot as a first-choice pumping solution for many of the world’s most significant manufacturing operations.

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Meet Stan Morgan, Lead MOV Technician at Scallon Controls

If you were to consider ideal qualities in an MOV (Motor Operated Valve) technician—one who you could trust implicitly with your facility—you might include characteristics like: great analytical mind, unflappable problem-solver, team player, sincere, and personable. Impossible? Not at all. Meet Stan Morgan, Scallon Controls’ Lead MOV Technician.

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Unlock the Potential of Your Steam System With Experitec

Where are the potential weaknesses in your steam system? Experitec can offer big safety, emissions, and cost savings gains with a site audit. Once the audit is complete, Experitec has the expertise, products, and services to improve your steam system. View their interactive map to see where you can reap the benefits.

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