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Control Associates Highlights the Value Of Predictive Maintenance

As Control Associates visits customer facilities, they see a growing desire for Predictive Maintenance (PdM). With Control Associates’ PdM solutions, you can have the data as fast as ‘in a minute’—enabling you to react immediately or place it as a priority for your next outage. Learn more by reading about their tools, technologies, and expertise.

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Get Peak Performance From Your Meters With Pro-Tech

Pro-Tech Solutions, a Control Associates company, is your exclusive representative for FLEXIM services in the NY metro area. Pro-Tech is focused on delivering comprehensive support services for all of your flow meters, including: installation, start up & commissioning; certification of existing meters, on-site measurement services, and third-party verification.

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ECI’s Reliable PLC Services for All Brands & All Industries

ECI supports a variety of PLCs from many industry leaders, such as Emerson and Allen-Bradley. Additionally, their team is trained in a number of PLC software platforms, including Studio 5000®, FactoryTalk®, and Wonderware®. Contact ECI to learn more about their PLC capabilities.

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Take Valve Condition Monitoring to the Next Level With Experitec

Gain insight into the health of your operations with the Plantweb Insight™ Valve Health Application—an industrial software application that instantly interprets key valve health data. This application can be easily implemented and accessed anywhere, digitally transforming your data into actionable information for improved decision-making.

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Elevate Operator Performance & Improve Overall Effectiveness With Apperture’s Alarm Management Solutions

As many companies upgrade to more current levels of their DCS, their alarm management data may be overwhelmingly large or lacking prioritization. This can impair operators from effectively and consistently responding. Apperture’s client was looking to adopt a process that would allow them to move closer to the ISA standard, especially since many of their long-term operators (who had ‘tribal knowledge’) were retiring.

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Learn How to Reduce Process Noise With Fisher™ Whisper Technology From ECI

Delivering the broadest portfolio of innovative, high-performing noise reduction technologies, this portfolio of Fisher™ Whisper Technology products will mitigate valve noise and deliver a winning combination of noise reduction and increased capacity for any application. Learn how to reduce control valve and downstream process noise with the new Fisher™ Whisper™ NXV Trim, Whisper™ NXG Trim, and 6060 WhisperTube Modal Attenuator.

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Mitigate Industrial Valve Noise With Fisher™ Whisper™ Technology From Experitec

All plant personnel know that the risk of personal injury on the job can be high, but there is one hazard that is commonly overlooked — Valve Noise. Emerson’s new portfolio of additively manufactured noise reduction technologies is combatting employee hearing loss, equipment damage, and EPA noise regulation fines that can result from aerodynamic valve noise.

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Experitec Shares System Validation & Proof Testing Customer Story

Bayer’s Kansas City Crop Science Plant was performing checks on 1160 interlock actions annually in the control system—from 696 sensors and 831 actors. This was a labor-intensive process consuming significant time, energy, and lost production! Bayer turned to Experitec and Vantage Point, with the goals of: reducing test time without compromising safety; adopting a repeatable, reliable solution; automating records; and digitizing the validation process, wherever possible.

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