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Meet Dave Gonzales, QA & Safety Manager at Scallon Controls

With over 23 years of experience with valves and instrumentation, Dave Gonzales is well-suited to his role as Manager of Quality Assurance and Safety Programs. As you would expect, he writes safety manuals and procedures, but most importantly, he implements programs that ensure Scallon Controls adheres to both industry and customer requirements. In addition to his day-to-day responsibilities, he is relied upon as a mentor and leader—always ‘on call’ to provide technical assistance for Scallon Controls technicians and solve problems for customers.

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Improve OEE and Meet or Exceed Your Production KPIs With a Reliability Asset From ECI

An audit is the fastest path to making an impact. With a small investment in time and resources, you can be on the path to faster time to production, higher utilization rates, and lower operating costs. ECI’s Reliability Assessment process is a quick, yet thorough, evaluation of your maintenance and reliability program. Through interviews with key personnel, analysis of the various processes in place, and available data & tools, their experts compare your current practices against proprietary performance data & world class standards—culminating in a viable action plan presented to your stakeholders.

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Meet Chuck Burns, Outage Manager at Experitec

How do you solve a problem like downtime? With Chuck Burns and his Outage Management expertise, of course! When customers need a calm, collected voice at the other end of the phone, they call Chuck Burns, one of Experitec’s most experienced technical resources. Whether for an emergency or as part of a planned outage, Chuck is one of the first calls plant managers make when it comes to getting their critical systems back up and running, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Apperture Solves Your MES Mysteries

Solve the mysteries of Manufacturing Execution Systems with Apperture’s Steve Murray! Learn from Steve’s decades of experience about how organizations are using today’s technologies to ensure efficient, safe, reliable, and sustainable operations.

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Scallon Controls to Host DeltaV™ Workshop

Scallon Controls invites customers to their DeltaV v15 and Cybersecurity Workshop on October 19th. DeltaV equips customers with future-proof automation technologies that are easier to configure and maintain—while also propelling your performance to new levels. In addition, the Cybersecurity session will review current industry trends and available solutions to help you achieve a high level of security.

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NCCPAP Announces October 2023 NCCPAP NOW Event

NCCPAP will be hosting its next session on October 23, 2023 at 10 AM ET, featuring guest speaker, former NCCPAP President, and 2022 Gold Award recipient, Neil H. Fishman, CPA, CFE, FCPA, CAMS. Neil will speak about why occupational fraud occurs. In addition to his segment, NCCPAP’s National President, Frank E. Sands, CPA will give an update on various issues and topics affecting practitioners and NCCPAP’s IRS liaison and tax committee co-chair, Stephen F. Mankowski, CPA, CGMA, will present an update on IRS Notices, Congressional legislation, and pending laws affecting attendees’ practices and clients.

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ECI Provides Great Reasons to Switch to Wilden Pumps

Looking for good reasons to switch to Wilden® Pro-Flo® SHIFT AODD Pumps? See how these manufacturers solved their capacity, safety, and cost challenges with Wilden’s game-changing mechanical actuation technology. Does your manufacturing process involve aggressive fluids? Chem-Fuse diaphragms may be the key to solving your toughest temperature, abrasion resistance, or caustic fluid challenges.

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Turn Downtime Into a Winning Business Opportunity With Experitec

Companies that capitalize on down markets to pursue reliability improvements can better prepare themselves for when it really matters. Re-consider all the reasons that you’ve stalled and start making positive changes. Explore commonly heard Reliability Myths—debunked by the Experitec MythBusters!

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The ECAT Zero Emissions Option From ECI

ECI is passionate about providing the best possible sustainable solutions for their customers. ECAT is a tangible option, available now, to help customers meet their Methane Mitigation goals. The solution uses proven ‘gas over oil’ technology without venting emissions by re-injecting the gas back into the pipeline.

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