Improve Batch Consistency with DeltaV™ Control System Services from Proconex

Life Sciences and Specialty Chemical Manufacturers are concerned about batch consistency and for good reason—consistency drives product quality, reduces downtime, and increases company revenues. DeltaV configuration and implementation services, delivered by Proconex experts, conform with S88 standards and Emerson-accepted best practices.

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Bridge the Gap Between Your Plant Floor & IT with DeltaV™ Control System Services from Proconex

Proconex’s professional services are ideal for customers with requirements—or a desire—to bridge their plant floor with higher level network layers. Do you need support in connecting automation and IT systems, expanding network architectures with additional layers, such as a demilitarized zone (DMZ), and/or troubleshooting network or communication issues?

The experts at Proconex can provide consulting and troubleshooting on infrastructure deployment and maintenance for physical, virtual on-premise, or cloud-based solutions, as well as for your networks.

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NCCPAP launches NCCPAP NOW, a dialog among NCCPAP members. The three series webinar will kick-off on January 10, 2022 at 10AM ET with a session covering the latest happenings in the profession, a tax update (based on current legislation at the moment), an IRS liaison report, and a feature presentation by the TACPA (Texas) Chapter. TACPA will focus on peer reviews challenges and topics that the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy has taken on as leadership for the other state boards. Future events in this series will include CPA profession/practice and tax updates, as well as a feature by one of the NCCPAP Chapters.

NCCPAP NOW webinar 2 and 3 will take place on February 28 and May 2 respectively.

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Proconex is Now a Preferred Distributor of Dwyer Instruments

Proconex has recently been recognized as a Preferred Distributor for the entire line of Dwyer Instruments. Dwyer is a trusted leader in manufacturing innovative instrumentation solutions for the HVAC & process automation markets. Proconex provides a full array of services for our entire line of measurement instrumentation products. Look to them for a review of your application, product selection/recommendations, competitive pricing, after-sales support, and start up/commissioning services. You can contact Proconex for more information, here.

NCCPAP Leaders Recognized in Accounting Today’s Top 100

For the first time in NCCPAP history, two of our distinguished leaders have been recognized by Accounting Today in its popular annual industry publication: Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting. Congratulations NCCPAP President, Mark A. Stewart Jr. and Tax Co-Chair and NPL Liaison, Stephen Mankowski. Both were featured and quoted in this year’s supplement.

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NCCPAP Releases Monthly IRS Update

NCCPAP Tax Chair Steve Mankowski, CPA, CGMA recently attended the November 2021 IRS meeting. You can read his recap below, highlighting several topics including Automated Collection System Improvements, Child Tax Credit Update, Disaster Relief, and the IRSAC Annual Report.

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Fairman Group Discusses Tax Proposals in the Build Back Better Plan

The House has passed the Build Back Better Plan. The Bill now goes to the Senate, where additional compromises and changes could be made. Learn more about what is included in the Build Back Better Plan by clicking ‘Read More’ below.

What IS NOT Included

  • Increasing the Top Rate to 39.6%
  • Increasing the Capital Gain Rates to 25%
  • Limitations on Qualified Business Income (QBI) Deduction
  • Decreasing the Estate Tax Unified Credit
  • Eliminating Step-up in Basis Upon Death
  • Changing Grantor Trust Rules
  • Limiting Use of Valuation Discounts

What IS Included

  • 5%/3% ‘Surcharge’
  • Application of Net Investment Income Tax to Trade or Business Income
  • Increase SALT Cap
  • Limit Certain Section 1202 Gain Exclusion
  • Modification of Rules Relating to Retirement Plans
  • Audit More Taxpayers with Income over $400,000

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Comprehensive SIS Testing Right Out of the Box with Proconex’s SIS ProofCheck™

SIS ProofCheck™ incorporates all elements of proper SIS testing in a single solution. It encompasses testing field devices, wiring, signal conditioners, safety logic, BPCS logic, final control element response, and manually entered data. The entire procedure is captured electronically and displays pictures, manuals, and any information the user needs to perform the tests. All information is captured in a database and displayed via built-in reports.

Provide all the information your plant needs for auditing and quickly determining what needs to be fixed with SIS ProofCheck. Register now to join us on December 14th for a demonstration.

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Protect Your DeltaV™ Industrial Control System with Cybersecurity Services from Proconex

Cybersecurity is a hot topic, and for excellent reasons. Many of Proconex’s DeltaV™ customers are actively looking to evaluate, harden, or protect their industrial control systems, in areas like network security, workstation hardening, user account management, patching and security management, physical security and perimeter protection, security monitoring and risk assessment, and data management.

Proconex has the field experience and expertise to provide audits, assessments, and associated recommendations for a course of action. As an Emerson Impact Partner, Proconex also offers industrial control cybersecurity implementation services from Emerson

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