Fairman Group Has Moved!

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After months of planning and preparation, they have moved their offices to Liberty Ridge in the Chesterbrook Business Park. Get a glimpse of the construction project and the new office in the video below!

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The Pros at Proconex: An Inside Look at the Warehouse

Lately, the Proconex warehouse has been particularly busy installing actuators, testing equipment, and organizing some very large shipments. They recently shipped 50 Keystone™ Butterfly Valves to a single customer! While they have hundreds of products available, their most popular products include: Keystone Butterfly Valves, Vanessa™ Triple Offset Valves, and KTM™ Ball Valves. Many of these products are in stock, ready for customer shipment…many times overnight.

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NCCPAP Releases Its June 2019 IRS NPL Update

NCCPAP Immediate Past President, Stephen Mankowski, CPA, recently attended the June 2019 IRS NPL meeting. Highlights of this month’s meeting include: ETAAC Public Report, Penalty Relief, Private Debt Collection & TIGTA, and W-4 Update. View the highlights below.

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Markitects Featured in Forbes’ “Agency Pros Offer 15 Tips To Help Businesses Create Engaging Videos”

Forbes features Markitects’ Founder & CEO, Francine F. Carb, in their article, “Agency Pros Offer 15 Tips To Help Businesses Create Engaging Videos”.

Consumers love videos because they are interesting and engaging. Companies love using videos because they offer flexibility and deliver a high impact. Whether the video is created on a whim for a livestream or with strategic thought through a script and storyboard, no one can question the monumental presence video content plays in marketing. A great video doesn’t always come easy though–especially one that effortlessly grabs the attention of its audience and boasts large impression and engagement metrics.

Markitects’ advice for businesses looking to create engaging videos is to use a company spokesperson. Using a company spokesperson in a video can represent your company and brand in an authentic way. This helps your video promote content in an genuine and authoritative way without coming off as too pushy or sales-focused.

Read more about Markitects’ insight, along with insights from other industry professionals at the link here.

Thursday Thoughts: The Basics of Social Media Marketing


Many clients ask us to refresh and reactivate their social media channels. As such, let’s talk about the value of social media marketing. In the B2B world, social media is yet another way to try to reach your target audience. It can help you to grow brand awareness, create a customer community, or act as a customer service function. All in all, it is a more casual, conversational tone and allows for a 2-way conversation digitally. Similarly to a website, social media channels act as an extension of your sales team, that can reach beyond your local geography with little effort and resources.

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Francine Carb Published in Forbes’ “Developed Client Relationships That Count With Insightful Questions”

Markitects’ Founder and CEO, Francine Carb’s strategic approach to developing client relationships was recently published in Forbes! The article focuses on asking insightful questions to develop meaningful client relationships.

Markitects is an agency that’s been in business for over 25 years. As a result, we have honed our skills in asking questions. In fact, the art of asking questions has become an integral part of our strategic marketing process. It allows us to differentiate our services and provide a higher level of strategic guidance.

For our full insights on what type of questions to ask and how to ask them, read more at the link below.

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Markitects Featured in Forbes’ “13 Tips For Crafting An Engaging Email Campaign That Garners Leads”

Forbes features Markitects’ Founder & CEO, Francine F. Carb, in their article, “13 Tips For Crafting An Engaging Email Campaign That Garners Leads”. Company marketing strategies have been rapidly changing recently. Email, unfortunately, is often left behind for the ride, especially since the consumer tendency is to view marketing emails as spam. Eliminating email from your marketing strategy is not the answer though!

Email campaigns are an invaluable tool for marketers when messaging, analysis and deliverability are executed correctly. Markitects’ advice for companies looking to increase leads from email campaigns is to utilize a CRM system. Along with this, the marketing agency should follow up with the sales team regularly for insights on leads generated from email campaigns.

Read Markitects’ full insight, along with insights from other industry professionals, in the article below.

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Thursday Thoughts: The Imperatives of Competitor Research


Competitor research and analysis can provide a better understanding of the marketplace conditions in your industry, leading to the creation of a marketing strategy or refinement and optimization of previous strategies. Ultimately, this research can lead to a higher ROI.

At a high level, this research is important when creating or revamping your company’s messaging. Assessing your competitors’ messaging can include looking into pricing, features, and services offered, as well as values and benefits. It also can aid in determining the correct target audience. At a lower level, competitor research can influence how you create and format your website’s landing pages, what topics to focus on in email marketing, and so much more.

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NCCPAP Releases Its May 2019 IRS NPL Update

NCCPAP Immediate Past President, Stephen Mankowski, CPA, recently attended the May 2019 IRS NPL meeting. Highlights of this month’s meeting include: Collections Update, IRS Strategic Plan, and Small Businesses Becoming Cyber-Ready.

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