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NCCPAP President, Steve Mankowski, Featured by Accounting Today

Accounting Today recently interviewed NCCPAP President, Steve Mankowski, for the second time this year! With all of the drama surrounding tax reform, one almost forgets that tax season is upon us. Top issues covered in Steve’s interview conducted by Accounting Today editor-in-chief, Daniel Hood, include the Tax-Overhaul Bill and Cybersecurity. Steve’s most recent podcast is available via the link below.

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Horst Completes Two Major Religious Projects

Horst is proud to announce the completion of two of its major religious construction projects: ValleyPoint Church in Glen Mills, PA and State College Alliance Church in State College, PA. While each project that Horst undertakes is completely unique and personal, what these two places of worship have in common is their greatly expanded capacity to meet the needs of their growing congregations.

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NCCPAP Releases an NPL Update

NCCPAP recently returned from the IRS National Public Liaison (NPL) November 2017 meeting.

Fewer NPL Stakeholders
NPL is the outreach department of the IRS, with the Stakeholders being those who go out and meet with groups around the country. Currently, the number of Stakeholders is down by 50% (to about 75-80 people), yet there are 550 practitioner groups and 100 payroll partners that the IRS meets with. To fill the gap, the IRS is starting to hold virtual meetings, via teleconferences, as opposed to in person. It was suggested that they hold more meetings, where they invite the group’s representatives to meet with the IRS, and then allow the groups to disseminate information to their members.

Other key topics include: Audit Under Review, Public Trust & Employee Safety Initiative, Authentication Update, and Legislative Affairs.

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Horst Offers 10 Lessons Learned from Challenging Construction Projects

While Horst does their best to ensure that challenges are discussed and addressed up front, there are always lessons to be learned from their generations of experience working on hundreds of projects.

1. You WILL encounter problems during the process.
Problems inevitably arise during any construction project—no project is completely free from issues. That’s why we address the snags as they occur and share best practices among our PMs to avoid future difficulties.

2. Prepare for the land development approval process.
Land development is a lengthy and difficult process, so it’s best to be well informed and temper your expectations. Become familiar with your municipality’s amendments, and which parties are required to review different aspects of your project.

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IRSAC Update from NCCPAP

Neil H. Fishman, NCCPAP’s Executive Vice President, recently participated in the public meeting of the IRS Advisory Council (IRSAC) for 2017. This also happens to be Neil’s final year of his 3-year term on the Council. NCCPAP would like to update you regarding the five issues that have been the focus of the subgroup, called Small Business/Self-Employed and Wage & Investment, where Neil has participated.

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Horst Warns Owners to Beware of Change Orders

Horst Construction considers it their job—and responsibility—to educate and inform the buyer. The way they do this is by asking questions that help to clarify the grey areas of a specification document or offer alternatives, when their experience dictates a better approach.

All qualified bidders want to win your job—it’s how they go about that process that is cause for alert. Many contractors shy away from asking questions because, many times, it adds scope and increased cost, which may become a disadvantage competitively. Asking questions may also reveal imperfect work or impractical design elements in the architect’s drawings, making the contractor look like the bad guy.

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Horst Wraps Up Busy Month of October

The leaves have changed, the weather is finally cooling off, and Horst Construction has had a busy month this October, celebrating fall, exceptional clients, and exciting opportunities. The Horst team celebrated Manufacturing Day with students from Pequea Valley Intermediate School, competed in the ABC Keystone Chili Cook-off, and attended the Cocalico High School career fair. They also participated in a philanthropy event and won an award at the Excellence in Construction Awards ceremony.

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PMI Educational Foundation Kerzner Award Winner to Present at IPM Day 2017

International Institute for Learning, Inc. (IIL) is pleased to include Michael O’Connor, PhD in its lineup of presenters at this year’s IPM Day online conference on November 2, 2017. With over 27 years of experience in the medical device industry, Dr. O’Connor is being recognized as the winner of the PMI Educational Foundation Kerzner Award for Excellence in Project Management. As the Director, Strategy and Project Management for Medtronic, he works with senior management to manage, guide, and provide oversight on high value programs.

Dr. O’Connor will be presenting, Enhancing Project Management Rigor for Innovation, advocating that organizations enhance their Project and Portfolio Management frameworks to improve innovation output—ultimately producing devices, therapies and services that better serve patients around the world.

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MSAs: The Ultimate Way that Horst Quickly Meets Customer Needs in An Emergency

Imagine that you’re the manager of a convenience store and you get a call in the middle of the night to inform you that a car just drove right through your front entrance. Now that you’ve been jolted from your sleep, it’s time to get someone to repair the damage, order a custom fitted door, and help get your store operating normally ASAP. Wouldn’t it be great if you could count on one company to do all of your major repairs and facility updates—without having to go through the bid process or time-consuming negotiations? That one company is Horst Construction and an MSA is the way to get it done.

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Mark Parzygnat, Program Director, IBM Blockchain Explains the Popular New Platform

There’s been a lot of press about Blockchain technology in recent months. Simply stated, Blockchain enables and manages transactions and data sharing—bringing an unprecedented level of security, transparency, and efficiency never before possible. Given how fundamental ‘transactions’ are to how we function in society, this evolutional technology will have a transformative effect, not just on business, but also on how we live.

With over 20 years of experience in the technology field, Mark Parzygnat, Program Director, IBM Blockchain, and Presenter at IPM Day 2017 shares his enthusiasm, “Blockchain is the most exciting technology to come along in my entire career. For the past three years, I’ve devoted my efforts to championing IBM’s internal use and application development efforts, as well as promoting Blockchain to the world through academia, industry conferences, and the Linux Foundation.”

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