Jowitt and Rodgers Engages HCC Partners to Realize Its Succession Plan by Filling a Key Director of Sales Role

“Jim was recommended by two colleagues—a CFO and one of my contacts at DVIRC. While we had never used an Executive Search firm for a sales position, Jim did not disappoint. Not only did Jim set us on the correct path for a good fit, he also found more than one great candidate from which we could choose.”

See how Fred Rodgers, President of Jowitt and Rodgers Co., was able to focus back on the business and fill a key sales role pivotal to the future of the company.

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Struggling to Find the Right Person to Run Your Company? HCC Partners can help.

Typically, the owner’s primary desire is to take a step back from the day-to-day management of the business in order to: focus on their longer term business strategy; spend less time worrying about how to make payroll; and have more free time. Unfortunately, they don’t feel comfortable making this change because their business is their ‘baby’ and they have no one on staff to take the reins.

If this situation sounds familiar, read HCC Partners recommendations on how to address both your transition/succession planning and your human capital needs at the link below.

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HCC Partners Provides Tips for Bringing your Employee Compensation to a New Level

Simply stated, compensation, both pay and benefits, is one of the tools that organizations use to attract, retain and reward their employees. The compensation system that a company decides to implement should be strategic, competitive, affordable, and give you an advantage in the marketplace. Compensation can also be used as a powerful, strategic tool (in your business toolbox) to increase employee engagement and commitment.

Read HCC Partners’ six tips for bringing your compensation strategy to a whole new level.

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HCC Partners Engaged by C&L Rivet to Expand Its Executive Team & Realize Its Strategic Growth Plan

Art was introduced to Jim Geier, President & Founder of HCC Partners, through DVIRC, an economic development organization that focuses exclusively on the Philadelphia region’s manufacturing community. DVIRC grows business value by providing a number of services, including executive search. As a strategic partner of DVIRC and expert in filling key roles at small and mid-sized manufacturing companies, HCC Partners was invited to participate in an initial executive search engagement to find an Operations/General Manager for C&L Rivet.

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HCC Partner’s 11 Steps to Help You Hire Top Talent in 2019

Today the job market belongs to the ‘candidate’. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in or the type of job you are recruiting for; finding, attracting and retaining top talent is a real issue for everyone. At HCC Partners, they believe that with the strength of the economy, low unemployment rate, and number of available job openings, the challenge of recruiting top talent will continue to be top of mind through the remainder of 2019.

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HCC Partners Helps AllSpire Health Partners Establish a Culture

When Mike Forese, Vice President, Finance & Operations at AllSpire Health Partners, was tasked with hiring an HR professional to help fill out the management team and develop the culture for AllSpire moving forward, he immediately thought of Jim Geier and HCC Partners. Take a look at how Mike experienced both sides of Executive Search with HCC Partners.

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HCC Partners’ Jim Geier Featured on ‘Master Your Finances’ Radio Program

Jim Geier, President & CEO of HCC Partners, was recently featured on Master Your Finances, a Sunday morning radio show on Rider University’s WRRC 107.7 FM, The Bronc. Each week, host Kurtis Baker, CFP®, AIF® covers a variety of financial and business topics. Jim’s program, entitled Hiring Tips, focused on how hiring decisions can affect your top line. Listen to excerpts from Jim’s program at the link below.

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HCC Partners Engaged by ASTM International

HCC Partners has completed a variety of important human capital-related projects for ASTM, including an annual compensation analysis, salary grade recommendations based on industry benchmarks, a framework for merit adjustments, benchmarking of all job positions, performance review workshops, FLSA compliance, and most recently, executive recruiting for a key role in the organization.

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HCC Partners Publishes Important Questions for Succession Planning

In most organizations today, Succession Planning is taken too narrowly, where it only applies to key roles or the C-Suite; however, Succession Planning should be part of an overall “talent plan”. What most companies need is more of an organizational roadmap—backed by the commitment of the leadership team—to develop, mentor and otherwise plan for replacement of key roles at every level in the organization.

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HCC Partners Releases Organizational Assessments Case Study

“If you were starting your company over today and knew everything you know now, how would you structure the business in order to grow, fix any problems, or achieve whatever your goals may be?” That’s the key question that Jim Geier asks his clients when opening a dialog for a potential Organizational Assessment. Take a look at how one company leveraged the Organizational Assessment process to boost morale and grow the company.

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