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Thursday Thoughts: PPC Audience Targeting

Every Wednesday, Markitects participates in SEMrush’s Twitter Chat. This week’s discussion focused on how to take advantage of PPC audience targeting.

Here are our top takeaways:

1) Some key audiences to include for general campaigns are:

  • Audiences consisting of previous visitors to your website, especially those from high buyer intent pages like a RFQ page
  • Audiences based on demographic reports (i.e. from Google Ads & Analytics)
  • Audiences consisting of individuals searching for specific terms that align with your campaigns’ keywords and ads

2) Location! Location! Location! Local audiences are key for a regional business. When targeting audiences, make sure you optimize your campaign based on your specific sales territory.

3) Using data from previous email campaign analytics, target specific prospects and customers by providing them with the supplemental information they need to move along your sales funnel.

4) Retargeting campaigns are beneficial in helping you stay top of mind with consumers who have previously engaged with your brand. If a user visits a CTA page, but doesn’t take action, use retargeting to try to push them that one step further. However, there is a fine line between retargeting smartly and just being creepy, so be careful!

5) Always analyze your audience performance to make the most out of your campaigns. It is an ongoing process, but using reporting tools can make it more simple to measure your KPIs. Our favorites are:

  • Google AdWords’ Search Terms report: Are the audience’s searches for products/services that I can actually provide?
  • Google Analytics’ Acquisition metrics: Is my website actually receiving traffic from my PPC ads?
  • Google Analytics’ Behavior metrics: How long is my PPC traffic staying on my website? Is my content desirable to them?

In conclusion, PPC Advertising can be very complex. All of the reporting and optimization strategies can get overwhelming, so we suggest that our clients start small and then grow their campaigns by refining strategies and becoming more familiar with optimization. As a B2B Marketing Agency, we help our clients target appropriate customers, as well as aid in building an audience of ideal prospects.

How should you begin your PPC journey? Look at the data you already have from sources like Google Analytics, Email Marketing (opens and clicks), and any CRM lists that your sales team may have. Contact us if you need help getting started!

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