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Experience Experitec’s Reliability Solutions With Their Try-Before-You-Buy Program

Regardless of where you are in your reliability initiatives, you are not alone. Experitec is ready to accept the challenge to maximize the return on your Predictive Maintenance and Reliability Program…and the first step is on them! First, you pick the 5-10 most costly, problematic, or operationally important pieces of equipment in your facility. Next, an Experitec Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional will come to your plant and conduct a full-scale assessment of those assets utilizing the latest PdM technology in advanced vibration spectrum and waveform analysis. After that, Experitec will provide a report of findings, potential root causes, and recommendations to increase your assets’ reliability and operating lifespan. You and your team will be given a customized roadmap to implement a program and options to get started.

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