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Be True to Meis Van der Rohe:
Less is More

When it comes to creative choice, there is no ‘one right answer.’ How a client interprets a new logo, for example, emerges from that individual’s unique experiences, knowledge, and context. Overall, we seem to lack a common vocabulary to truly describe those likes and dislikes, so we thought it apt to take on the subject of Creative Choice—and The Lack Thereof.

As an agency, we are constantly challenged to find the perfect balance between abstract ideas and concrete results. For instance, creating a distinctive website that fits well with the client and their industry, while also standing out from the crowd, can be a challenge. Even something seemingly simple like developing a tagline that enhances a company name can take weeks to develop, refine, and perfect. Because there is no ‘one right answer,’ creative choice can lead you down a multitude of paths—none of which really work.

So, how do agencies like ours navigate this complex tangle of creativity? We use the powerful compass of “less is more.”

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, an architect in 1920’s and 1930’s Germany, was the last director of the Bauhaus, a seminal school in modern architecture. Meis van der Rohe is often associated with the saying “less is more.” He created an influential twentieth-century architectural style, stated with extreme clarity and simplicity, by making use of modern materials such as industrial steel and plate glass to define interior spaces.

The More the Better… Not!

Some clients expect a wide range of options when it comes to producing creative work, whether a logo, company name, website design, or brochure—thinking that more choices lead to a better result! In reality, people struggle with having too many choices: it results in paralysis, anxiety, opposition, and second-guessing. Simply, we become overwhelmed by too many ideas and have trouble deciding on anything.

That’s why agencies, like ours, have honed our interpretive skills to create things that apply specifically to that client. Yes, we have talent, but we’ve also trained our brains to be able to quickly recognize the boldest concepts and present only the most appropriate variations—trimming the fat, and confusion, before serving it to you.

We don’t want you to feel discouraged when we, or fellow creatives, limit the choices we present for you; instead, we hope you understand the importance, significance, and value of having only the best choices before you.

Our creative experience and maturity means we are able to direct these select concepts to be perfectly aligned with your unique business culture and needs. After days, or even weeks, of decision-making and refinement, as well as a good deal of animated discussion and debate, we select the finalists for any specific project. These few selections have to feel right, sit right (in terms of their application), and be right for the client—and by ‘right,’ I mean, move them up several notches of sophistication, appeal to their most ideal customer imaginable, or give them an emotional coat rack on which to hang their future vision.

So, while there are many solutions to any particular problem, pinpointing the few that are best-suited and custom-tailored for your company is the creative process at its best.

Want to take a twenty minute break to learn more about why having too many choices stifles decision-making? Watch Barry Schwartz’s TEDtalk, The Paradox of Choice: Why More Is Less.

You too can adopt the less is more approach. Contact Markitects and we’ll lead you through the process of creative choice to achieve much more without the clutter.

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