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Author: Markitects, Inc.

Elevate Operator Performance & Improve Overall Effectiveness With Apperture’s Alarm Management Solutions

As many companies upgrade to more current levels of their DCS, their alarm management data may be overwhelmingly large or lacking prioritization. This can impair operators from effectively and consistently responding. Apperture’s client was looking to adopt a process that would allow them to move closer to the ISA standard, especially since many of their long-term operators (who had ‘tribal knowledge’) were retiring.

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Learn How to Reduce Process Noise With Fisher™ Whisper Technology From ECI

Delivering the broadest portfolio of innovative, high-performing noise reduction technologies, this portfolio of Fisher™ Whisper Technology products will mitigate valve noise and deliver a winning combination of noise reduction and increased capacity for any application. Learn how to reduce control valve and downstream process noise with the new Fisher™ Whisper™ NXV Trim, Whisper™ NXG Trim, and 6060 WhisperTube Modal Attenuator.

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Mitigate Industrial Valve Noise With Fisher™ Whisper™ Technology From Experitec

All plant personnel know that the risk of personal injury on the job can be high, but there is one hazard that is commonly overlooked — Valve Noise. Emerson’s new portfolio of additively manufactured noise reduction technologies is combatting employee hearing loss, equipment damage, and EPA noise regulation fines that can result from aerodynamic valve noise.

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Experitec Shares System Validation & Proof Testing Customer Story

Bayer’s Kansas City Crop Science Plant was performing checks on 1160 interlock actions annually in the control system—from 696 sensors and 831 actors. This was a labor-intensive process consuming significant time, energy, and lost production! Bayer turned to Experitec and Vantage Point, with the goals of: reducing test time without compromising safety; adopting a repeatable, reliable solution; automating records; and digitizing the validation process, wherever possible.

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Make ROI Your Focus When Embarking On Your Reliability Journey With ECI

High annual benefits and low stress are readily within reach. By moving toward First Quartile performance, your plant can achieve: lower maintenance costs and downtime, higher overall equipment, effectiveness, lower safety injury rates, and higher annual profit. Learn how to benefit from plant reliability at ECI’s reliability workshop.

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Experitec to Host Emerson Air Show

Join Experitec on March 21 in Lenexa, KS to learn about some of the new Emerson products, including the Fisher™ FIELDVUE™ Controller, Valve Condition Monitoring, and Noise-Reducing Whisper Technologies. Meet the product experts from Emerson, see live demonstrations, and network with the Experitec team—all in a single day!

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Meet the Continua Team at IFPAC® 2024

Learn about the latest developments in advanced manufacturing technologies at IFPAC 2024, taking place on March 3-6 in North Bethesda, MD. IFPAC is the preeminent forum for insightful discussions about the latest trends and applications in the fields of Continuous Manufacturing, PAT, Process Control, and Data Analytics. IFPAC 2024 ‘Navigating the Future of Advanced Manufacturing’ will feature key presentations from the Continua Process Systems team.

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Experitec Highlights New Fisher™ FIELDVUE™ Products

The Fisher FIELDVUE DVC7K not only performs as expected for a valve controller, but also includes a variety of standard diagnostic tools with advanced communication protocols for simplicity of use. Through game-changing ‘Advice at the Device™ technology’, the valve controller monitors the data and can offer advice to operators on actions that should be performed. Additionally, Experitec provides customers with information regarding the Fisher FIELDVUE DPC2K, 4400, and L2t.

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ECI Offers More Uptime & Less Labor With Cyclonic Valves

Looking for an innovative low maintenance choke valve solution for your well pad? Cyclonic offers an angle body, single-piece valve that is quick to actuate (2-3 seconds from open to close) and can be installed as a drop-in replacement requiring NO piping changes. Because it is made from non-porous solid steel, it is exceptionally resistant to wear and tear in corrosive conditions.

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