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Markitects Featured in Forbes’ “Agency Pros Offer 15 Tips To Help Businesses Create Engaging Videos”

Forbes features Markitects’ Founder & CEO, Francine F. Carb, in their article, “Agency Pros Offer 15 Tips To Help Businesses Create Engaging Videos”.

Consumers love videos because they are interesting and engaging. Companies love using videos because they offer flexibility and deliver a high impact. Whether the video is created on a whim for a livestream or with strategic thought through a script and storyboard, no one can question the monumental presence video content plays in marketing. A great video doesn’t always come easy though–especially one that effortlessly grabs the attention of its audience and boasts large impression and engagement metrics.

Markitects’ advice for businesses looking to create engaging videos is to use a company spokesperson. Using a company spokesperson in a video can represent your company and brand in an authentic way. This helps your video promote content in an genuine and authoritative way without coming off as too pushy or sales-focused.

Read more about Markitects’ insight, along with insights from other industry professionals at the link here.

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