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Marketing for IT Companies

by Francine Carb, President

Hello, all software, network, integration, migration, and training firms. It pretty much doesn’t matter where your expertise lies; Marketing is your lifeline, if you’re in IT. View our marketing for IT tips:

Let’s start with your relative position in your specific, defined niche—we marketing folks like to call it mapping. Gartner Group calls it the “magic quadrant”, although there’s hardly ever any hocus pocus involved. Even if you are an emerging growth company, you’ll need to figure out where you fit in the ecosystem, so take the time to seriously consider your competitors, as well as those you would like to emulate and create a 2-D visual. We like to put “industry reputation” or “market share” on one axis and “ability to deliver as promised” on the other as one suggestion of an eye-opening view, but you should select and compare those parameters most relevant to your niche.

Are you a thought leader? If so, how might you communicate your expertise with customers and prospects? There is a good chance that you have certain individuals in your company who can solve any problem, sooth any customer issue, or unravel any puzzle. They may not be in the spotlight, but they represent gold, in term of marketing potential. When carefully nurtured, these experts can be the sources of the most sought after blogs, white papers, webinar content, press coverage, and more. If they are timid about writing content, especially for marketing purposes, take the approach of interviewing them and letting them be the “VOC” or Voice of Customer. That should make them feel more comfortable and give you the insight you need to create some powerful marketing content.

How about showcasing your clients? Many companies have challenges getting a case study program off the ground. It’s usually because the client doesn’t want their name mentioned or their technical issues exposed publicly. No one can argue with that; however, if presented in a positive light, most will go along with the idea, especially if they are not blatantly promoting your company or its products. For these clients, you should have an excellent example, in hand, to show them. Also, don’t be afraid to write testimonials on behalf of your clients. As long as they are professionally and respectfully written, most will approve them on the spot.

Let’s move onto imagery: photos, illustrations, info-graphics, videos, and the like. All are extremely helpful to a prospect trying to visualize your technology offering. Videos are best because you have the opportunity to tell an entire story; however, many times, info-graphics can be extremely powerful and long lasting. In today’s increasingly visual world, you may need to stop and consider the visual messages you are sending your prospects, and refocus on the impact that fresher, or more streamlined, images can offer. They can also enhance your content by making it more relevant and interesting to those viewing it.

Finally, I’d like to talk about bragging—specifically touting your companies achievements and successes. It’s not only OK to do so; it’s imperative to building your company’s reputation capital. If you are “award winning”, “leading”, or otherwise “tops in your field”, please say so, consistently and with confidence.

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