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Maintenance & Reliability Team Up for Total Asset Management Program With Experitec

This Midwest refinery had always wanted to harness the power of its smart instrumentation installed base. Even though Facility Operations could benefit from spending less time reacting to failures and assigning more resources to predict them, the necessary network additions were viewed as speculative and cost prohibitive.

Experitec introduced the concept of TAM to normalize the principles of equipment health and performance monitoring across all types of assets in the facility, including those top tier critical valves responsible for production losses.

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Meet Chuck Burns, Outage Manager at Experitec

How do you solve a problem like downtime? With Chuck Burns and his Outage Management expertise, of course! When customers need a calm, collected voice at the other end of the phone, they call Chuck Burns, one of Experitec’s most experienced technical resources. Whether for an emergency or as part of a planned outage, Chuck is one of the first calls plant managers make when it comes to getting their critical systems back up and running, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Turn Downtime Into a Winning Business Opportunity With Experitec

Companies that capitalize on down markets to pursue reliability improvements can better prepare themselves for when it really matters. Re-consider all the reasons that you’ve stalled and start making positive changes. Explore commonly heard Reliability Myths—debunked by the Experitec MythBusters!

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Reliability and Performance Improvements Unlock Future Growth for This Experitec Customer

This major national midstream service provider needed to increase efficiency and avoid surge when operating the plant’s two refrigeration compressors in parallel. After completing a site survey, Emerson developed a customized load sharing algorithm to operate within the plant’s most efficient window relative to their compression load. Once the customer upgraded their electrical infrastructure, Emerson implemented its recommendations. Experitec oversaw the entire project and adapted Emerson’s functionality to look and feel like the customer’s existing Distributed Control System (DCS).

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Unlock the Potential of Your Steam System With Experitec

Where are the potential weaknesses in your steam system? Experitec can offer big safety, emissions, and cost savings gains with a site audit. Once the audit is complete, Experitec has the expertise, products, and services to improve your steam system. View their interactive map to see where you can reap the benefits.

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Valve Diagnostics ROIs You Can Count On

A strategic investment in valve diagnostics can pay dividends versus subjective decision-making on the spot. Plants that cut back on reliability programs to save on short-term costs, ultimately lose money in unplanned repairs, unnecessary replacements, and dreaded downtime. Using quantifiable data, they can get insights into the performance of their valves and prioritize which need repairs or replacement—and when. Analyzing data can be difficult; making the wrong decision can be much harder. That’s where Experitec comes in.

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Packaging Manufacturer Relies on Experitec For Knowledge and Quick Response

This customer called Experitec in the middle of the night because a turbine control valve on one of their paper machines failed. When one of these machines is down, the lost revenue is significant—about $25,000 per hour! Because of the criticality of this valve, the customer keeps a few spares in play; two of those spares were currently in for repairs. Furthermore, according to inventory records, there was a 3rd spare somewhere at their facility, but the person who managed that was on vacation. Experitec immediately took ownership of the entire emergency situation.

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Experitec’s Reliability Solutions Team Debunks the ROI Myth for Process Manufacturing Plants

It’s true that expense and time are the most common factors that prevent people from making incremental improvements in their reliability journey. However, the facts remain that most downtime events and unplanned costs are usually due to a handful of ‘bad actors’, and it only requires a small investment to monitor the health of those critical assets. The Experitec team takes this on in our long-running MythBusters series.

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Safety at the Forefront for a Massive Automation Conversion by Experitec

This manufacturing customer was upgrading its entire process control system, ultimately rewiring every cabinet at its site, as well as replacing all of the back panels and Motor Control Center (MCC). As one of Experitec’s largest projects, this required a two-week shutdown for full implementation, as well as an additional week for commissioning. Of the 4,000 hours dedicated to this enormous undertaking, Experitec reported zero injuries.

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Keep Valve Repair Off Your Radar With Experitec’s Outage Management Services

Experitec understands that customers’ availability to schedule adequate time into planning for an outage is at a premium. The value of their outage management team is their proficiency in orchestrating customers’ entire outage event—scope, resources, parts, replacement valves, diagnostics analytics, prioritization by criticality, and all of the coordination. In short, exceptional planning, trusted resources, and flawless execution are what their customers value, and what they pride themselves on delivering.

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