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Markitects Leverages Familiar Faces to Differentiate Contract Pharmacy Services

by Francine Carb, President


When working with a new client to develop their marketing strategy, we at Markitects are always on the look out for exceptional qualities that make their company stand out. We call these “compelling reasons to buy”, which are both the tangible and emotional reasons a prospect selects that company over other choices.

In the world of institutional pharmacy services, clients such as long-term care facilities, behavior health organizations, and corrections institutions have many choices—both local and national. When we interviewed Contract Pharmacy Services’ clients, we found that accuracy, ‘round the clock service, and the use of advanced technologies to mitigate costs are almost expected.


On the other hand, while the term ‘familiar faces’ may sound a little too personal, it’s exactly those qualities—attention to detail and accessibility throughout the organization—that clients point to as reasons they not only select, but stay with Contract Pharmacy Services for many years.

Using this theme, we were able to incorporate messaging and custom photography into a new website, email marketing, and other client communications pieces.

According to Ann Borell, President at Contract Pharmacy Services, “Markitects took the time to fully understand our organization and what motivates our clients. We were really impressed with the creativity they applied to our website, trade show signage, email marketing, and newsletters—using ‘familiar faces’ as the foundation to set the tone and communicate our corporate culture.”

As a result, Contract Pharmacy Services is getting rave reviews—having achieved up to a 34% open rate on their new communications pieces. In addition, others in the industry are paying close attention to an even more formidable competitor.

For more information about how Markitects can help your company define and leverage its most compelling differentiators, contact Francine Carb, President.

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