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NCCPAP Releases an NPL Update

NCCPAP recently returned from the IRS National Public Liaison (NPL) November 2017 meeting.

Fewer NPL Stakeholders
NPL is the outreach department of the IRS, with the Stakeholders being those who go out and meet with groups around the country. Currently, the number of Stakeholders is down by 50% (to about 75-80 people), yet there are 550 practitioner groups and 100 payroll partners that the IRS meets with. To fill the gap, the IRS is starting to hold virtual meetings, via teleconferences, as opposed to in person. It was suggested that they hold more meetings, where they invite the group’s representatives to meet with the IRS, and then allow the groups to disseminate information to their members.

Other key topics include: Audit Under Review, Public Trust & Employee Safety Initiative, Authentication Update, and Legislative Affairs.

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