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Fairman Group Family Office’s Next Nest Series – A Must Read For The Empty Nester

If you are ready to retire, entering a second career, caring for aging parents, or have adult children, you won’t want to miss Fairman Group Family Office’s must-read, fictional series about the financial challenges, opportunities and gotcha’s regarding life challenges as an empty nester.

The Next Nest series follows the Carlsons, a fictional family, who lives on the Main Line. Their three children are grown and out of the house with families of their own, each navigating their own personal and financial challenges. As new empty nesters, the Carlsons want to act on available opportunities and are ready to pursue some of their goals–such as the forever-pushed-back home renovation project–while also navigating the new challenges that come with this stage of life.

Read the stories below for real insights and the financial implications of the opportunities and challenges that come along with the empty-nester life.

Next Nest: Volume 1 | The Big Question: Should They Stay or Should They Move?

In Volume 1, the Carlsons deal with the financial challenges, opportunities and gotcha’s regarding second homes, out-of-state residency, remodeling and moving to the city. Read Full Story

Next Nest: Volume 2 | When Life Happens: Your Children Start Having Children

In Volume 2, the Carlsons deal with the financial implications, opportunities and gotchas regarding helping with the purchase of a home, gift exclusion & education expenses! Read Full Story

Next Nest: Volume 3 | Contemplating What Retirement Might Look Like

In Volume 3, the Carlsons are contemplating if they are ready for retirement and all of the financial questions that come along with their big decision. Read Full Story

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