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Diepak Kasi to Inspire Project Managers at IPM Day 2017

Diepak Kasi is one of IIL’s featured presenters at IPM Day 2017. His topic, The Power of Vision in the Digital Age, focuses on using vision as a path to fulfilling a higher level of satisfaction—both on the job and in one’s personal life. According to Diepak, “Many people do not have inspiring long-term goals or motivations. They perform their jobs and collect their paychecks without really questioning why they are doing what they do. However, a life without inspiration or the joy of making a contribution bigger than oneself results in feeling unfulfilled in the long term. On the other hand, if you have a vision—where you want to go and how you would like to contribute to society—you will be inspired to make that vision a reality and you can enjoy a higher level of fulfillment and satisfaction.”

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