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visual impact, content relevancy, and database accuracy

Email Marketing

Using a template? Sending from an info@ address? If you are wondering why your results are less than stellar, it’s likely the fault of one of the pillars of email marketing: visual impact, content relevancy, and database accuracy. Markitects prides itself as an email marketing agency, ready to increase your results with fresh content, new graphics, and a sophisticated custom layout.


Related Services

Content Creation

Clever content appeals to your target audience’s intelligence and gains trust. Markitects has been developing technical, scientific, and engineering content for decades, so do not hesitate to use us as your editorial guide and partner.

Digital Upgrade

Combined with content-driven marketing, your website will become a sought after resource. Once the digital experts at Markitects evaluate your website, email marketing, and social media outlets, we will create a customized plan just for you.

Strategic Planning

Your marketing plan must align with your business in order to be actionable and effective. Through our strategic planning methodology, we gain consensus regarding pertinent issues & opportunities, then verify our findings by interviewing the most important people.

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