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Persona Development & Market Positioning

Strategic Planning

Your marketing strategy must align with the business in order to be actionable and effective. That’s why our strategic planning methodology is the springboard for nearly every engagement we encounter. Validated by hundreds of companies worldwide, Markitecture™ has been instrumental in launching products and services, rebranding divisions and business units, and developing effective marketing processes. We gain consensus regarding pertinent issues and opportunities, then test and verify our findings by interviewing employees, customers, prospects, and partners. What we learn through one-on-one discussions reveals the most critical pieces to resolving the marketing and sales issues at hand. Markitecture, our marketing strategy methodology, enables us to attract ideal clients, develop appropriate personas for each market segment, and reach out to prospects throughout the customer journey.

Related Services

Brand Development

Your visual brand consists of your logo, colors, fonts, icons, tagline, & layout. It includes real life applications, like the signage on your building, a proposal, or your physical checks. These items are public, so they carry weight in creating a lasting impression.

Content Creation

Clever content appeals to your target audience’s intelligence and gains trust. Markitects has been developing technical, scientific, and engineering content for decades, so do not hesitate to use us as your editorial guide and partner.

Product Launch

When growth plans or competitive pressures require you to expand into new geographies, market segments, or products, it’s time to do a launch. Markitects’ strategic mindset can help you develop your brand, voice of customer, and sales approach.

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