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Exert Power and Influence, with a Comprehensive Brand

Brand Development

Branding encompasses all attributes that inform clients, vendors, employees—and even competitors. It’s influenced by the experiences and interactions your audience has with your company, long before a purchase is made or an engagement letter is signed. This intangible experience carries over to the visuals and messaging your company presents to the outside world. Branding carries a lot of power and influence! Your visual brand consists of your logo, colors, fonts, icons, tagline, and layout for any marketing collaterals—whether physical or digital. It includes real life applications—from the signage on your building, coffee mug, golf shirt, or exhibit booth, to a proposal, or even your physical checks. These items are seen and experienced publicly, so they carry weight when it comes to developing a lasting impression.

Related Services

Graphic Design

Aesthetically pleasing visuals attract viewers, portray your brand well, and enhance content. The creative team at Markitects has an eye for how and when to use images, info graphics, and icons to enhance any marketing communication.

Strategic Planning

Your marketing plan must align with your business in order to be actionable and effective. Through our strategic planning methodology, we gain consensus regarding pertinent issues & opportunities, then verify our findings by interviewing the most important people.

Website Development

Websites are the cornerstone of most businesses, where a first impression marks the beginning of the sales cycle. Whether a refresh or rebuild, our projects start by creating a structure aligned with the customer journey and selecting the right technology platform.

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