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images, info graphics, and icons

Graphic Design

Aesthetically pleasing visuals attract viewers, portray your brand well, and enhance content. The creative graphic design team at Markitects has an eye for how and when to use images, info graphics, and icons to enhance any marketing communication. Your visual brand consists of your logo, corporate colors, fonts, icons, tagline, and layout for any marketing collaterals—whether physical or digital. Our graphic design team considers how photographs are used, a particular style of graphic, or illustration.

Related Services

Brand Development

Your visual brand consists of your logo, colors, fonts, icons, tagline, and layout. It includes real life applications, like the signage on your building, a proposal, or your physical checks. These items are public, so they carry weight in creating a lasting impression.

Email Marketing

Using a template? Sending from an info@ address? If you are wondering why your results are less than stellar, it’s likely the fault of one of the pillars of email marketing: visual impact, content relevancy, and database accuracy.

Product Launch

When growth plans or competitive pressures require you to expand into new geographies, market segments, or products, it’s time to do a launch. Markitects’ strategic mindset can help you develop your brand, voice of customer, and sales approach.

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