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Engineering & Technical Writing

Case Studies

Because Markitects is a third party, clients are more willing to engage during a facilitated conversation. While we ask that you make the introduction, we can take it from there—regardless of the technical or engineering knowledge required. Whether developing personas by industry or scenarios by market segment, Markitects has the experience and process to get it right. 

When you select Markitects, you get the counsel of an extensive team of experts, skilled in all facets of marketing communications. Let us show you how to achieve marketing excellence without high overhead costs and with an increase in quality.

Related Services

Content Creation

Clever content appeals to your target audience’s intelligence and gains trust. Markitects has been developing technical, scientific, and engineering content for decades, so do not hesitate to use us as your editorial guide and partner.

Graphic Design

Aesthetically pleasing visuals attract viewers, portray your brand well, and enhance content. The creative team at Markitects has an eye for how and when to use images, info graphics, and icons to enhance any marketing communication.

Strategic Planning

Your marketing plan must align with your business in order to be actionable and effective. Through our strategic planning methodology, we gain consensus regarding pertinent issues & opportunities, then verify our findings by interviewing the most important people.

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