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Search Engine Optimization


Create a true marketing-to-sales ecosystem by connecting the dots between outbound emails, digital content, and your website. SEO combined with a content marketing program will improve searches and increase website traffic. Keywords, titles, descriptions galore—engage your clients and prospects and lead them to purchase. 

Your target audience is more likely to search for you company’s website than they are to submit the exact URL into their browser. SEO is imperative to make sure that you are ranking on the first page and that your clients can find you. Your website will be more visible to prospects, as well!

Related Services

Content Creation

Clever content appeals to your target audience’s intelligence and gains trust. Markitects has been developing technical, scientific, and engineering content for decades, so do not hesitate to use us as your editorial guide and partner.

Social Media

Not sure if social is for you? Take another look because your competitors are likely active. We’ll make sure your content is published and shared. If your sales team needs some tips, we can guide them along the way.

Website Development

Websites are the cornerstone of most businesses, where a first impression marks the beginning of the sales cycle. Whether a refresh or rebuild, our projects start by creating a structure aligned with the customer journey and selecting the right technology platform.

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