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Project Management Institute


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    • Non-Profit Professional Association
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    • Project Management
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    • Newtown Square, PA
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Advancing Careers and Improving Organizational Success

Over the course of several years, Markitects built up and expanded the organization’s B2B offerings, including branding and launching several products and services, as well as managing the communications and outreach to tens of thousands of organizations that use and potentially use PMI’s various career-related services. Markitects’ scope of work included regular and ongoing case studies, interviews, newsletters, and email campaigns.

Markitects continually comes up with additional ideas and strategic programs for us—getting us to think beyond what we’ve done in the past. 

Marketing Supervisor, PMI



B2B product launches & branding

Career Headquarters job website

Branded collateral

Digital advertising

Email marketing


75% increase in revenue over three years

Improved visibility of Career Headquarters within individual & corporate members

High acceptance rates of new products

Enhanced brand recognition at trade shows & industry events

Markitects, Inc.



    Above the Historic Anthony Wayne Movie Theater

    107 W. Lancaster Avenue, Suite 203

    Wayne, PA 19087